How long does it take to charge a lithium-ion battery electric car

by:CTECHi     2021-09-25
How long does the battery manufacturer tell you to charge a lithium-ion battery electric car? Some models of electric vehicles have been widely used. Regarding how long the lithium-ion battery charging time of electric vehicles is, and the charging method time of the lithium-ion battery, lithium-ion battery manufacturers will make a detailed statement with friends below. How long does the battery manufacturer tell you to charge a lithium-ion battery electric car? The current lithium-ion battery chargers for electric vehicles are all three-stage charging, which is divided into a constant voltage phase, a constant current phase, and a trickle phase. The first two stages are important stages of charging. After the battery is over, the light will turn green and enter the trickle stage. Don’t unplug the battery at this time. Keep charging for 1-2 hours, which can effectively increase the battery life, but turns green. Do not exceed 8 hours afterwards. Generally, lithium-ion battery electric vehicles should be charged according to the specifications written in the specification. If not, it depends on the capacity of the lithium-ion battery and the current of the charger, such as 48V/20A lithium-ion battery. If the charger is 5A, it will charge for a little more than 4 hours, if it is a 10A charger, it will be a little more than two hours, and if it is a 20A charger, it will charge for one hour. The correct way to charge lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles is to charge them according to the standard time and procedure, even for the first three times. After the charger indicator turns green, charge it for about 1-2 hours to stop charging. In particular, do not charge for longer than 12 hours, the general charging time is 3-5 hours. Lithium iron phosphate battery electric vehicles can be overflowing, do not activate, the lithium ion battery will naturally activate when the electric vehicle is driving. If you deliberately want a 12-hour long charge to activate the new battery, it would be a waste of time. The charging time for the first charging of lithium-ion battery electric vehicles, because the battery has not been charged or discharged when the battery is not used when it leaves the factory, so the normal operation of the battery must be ensured. Under normal circumstances, the charging time is about 5-6 hours, so that the battery can overflow, and the subsequent use can be slightly longer. The detailed charging time of lithium-ion battery electric vehicles can be referred to the following 1. In the case of 100% exhaustion, the general charging time will be 8-10 hours, not more than 12 hours (which will affect the battery life), and it is not recommended every time The electricity is used up for each use. It is generally recommended to charge around 70% of the electricity. At this time, the charging time is generally 6 to 8 hours. 2. If it is a short trip proposal, the following: When the daily electricity consumption is 10%, it can be charged once a week. When the daily electricity consumption is 20%, it can be charged once every three days. When the daily electricity consumption is 30%, it can be charged once every two days. When the daily power consumption is more than 40%, it can be charged once a day, and the charging time under control is generally about 6 hours. Do not charge as you use it, which is detrimental to the life of the lithium-ion battery. Each charge will bring a certain amount of water loss to the battery and cause the battery to vulcanize and affect the life. Do not repair the lithium-ion battery by yourself. Just ask the lithium-ion battery manufacturer for after-sales treatment. As for what new battery activates these, it generally does not exist. The manufacturer has already charged and activated it when leaving the factory, unless you have encountered an irresponsible copycat factory. . It is more suitable to charge the lithium-ion battery of an electric car when it is 60%-70% discharged. Assuming that your car can ride for 100 miles with overflowing electricity, you have to charge it after riding for about 70 miles. If you ride for 30 miles a day, charging every day is beneficial .
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