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by:CTECHi     2020-01-27
Lithium-Also known as li-ion batteryIon/LIB is a set of rechargeable batteries in which lithium Ion moves from the negative pole to the positive during discharge and again during charging of the device.Lithium-Also known as li-ion batteryIon/LIB is a family of rechargeable batteries that move lithium ions from the negative pole to the positive during discharge and again during charging devices.This type of battery is the most common consumer electronics, \\ rare portable.
This is because they have one of the best energy densities with no memory effect and will slowly lose the charge when not in use.They work during discharge and lithium ion carries current from the negative pole to the positive pole.During charging, the \\ rexternal power supply applies a voltage higher than the voltage generated by the \\ rthe battery, which forces the current to go through in reverse.
During this timeIons migrate from the front to the negative and are embedded into the porous electrode material, a process called embedding.Three main functional components of A \\ rlithium-ion battery.They are anode, cathode and electrolyte.Anode is \\ ra lithium-An ion battery consisting of carbon, the cathode is a metal oxide, and the electrolyte is a lithium salt in an organic solvent.
Depending on the material selection, the voltage, capacity and safety of the battery may change.This way of working is that the anode and cathode are materials that lithium can migrate, so during the embedding process, lithium moves to the electrode, or reverses the process when charging.When using this type of battery, there are some advantages because they are made of a wide variety of shapes and sizes in order to effectively install the equipment they power.
They are light and have a high open voltage and have no effect on memory.They also have a lower self.About 5-discharge rateCompared to other batteries, 10% per month and 30% per month.Another important advantage to pay attention to is that because there is no free lithium metal, they are safe in the environment.
This in \\ rreturn has created an eco-friendly product.In general, lithiumIon batteries are rechargeable batteries in many electronic consumer devices.It works because it provides an effective charge for the battery and does not affect the selfAs many discharge rates as other methods.
When studying how batteries work, it is important to know how they work, so that you can purchase the best batteries to power your device
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