How Does an Electric Bike Speed Controller Work?

by:CTECHi     2020-03-27
The mechanism of the electric speed controller varies depending on whether you have adaptation or purpose-
Make an electric bike.
The adaptive bike includes an electric drive system installed on a regular bike. A purpose-
Built-in bikes that are more expensive than adaptive bikes offer easier acceleration and more features.
The mechanism of the speed controller of the electric bicycle varies between these two types.
Speed control the speed controller of the electric bicycle is an electronic circuit that not only controls the speed of the motor, but also acts as a dynamic brake.
The controller unit uses the power of the battery pack and drives it to the hub motor.
For different types of controllers with brushes and brushless motors. For adaptive e-
Bike, using the conversion kit, the controller is the main component of the kit.
The electric bicycle speed controller sends a signal to the motor hub of the bicycle at various voltages.
These signals detect the direction of the rotor relative to the starter coil.
The correct function of speed control depends on the use of various mechanisms. In a purpose-
The Hall effect sensor is built into an electric bicycle to help detect the direction of the rotor.
If your speed controller does not include such a sensor-
The speed controller on the adaptive bike may not--
Calculate the potential of the drive-free coil to obtain the direction of the rotor.
Once you \'ve learned the basics of the speed controller for an electric bike, you can easily switch between two modes of operation ---
Manual foot and electric.
This allows you to get a good workout without consuming your muscles and lungs.
For example, if you are a person who is just starting to ride a bike, you may find yourself breathless when you go uphill.
You can switch to electric speed control while climbing the mountain, gradually reducing the dependence on electronic operation as your endurance increases.
If you like to ride a bike with family and friends, the ability to switch to electric speed control, regardless of ability and advantage, helps ensure everyone can ride a bike comfortably.
Considering that the aesthetics and speed controller of the electric bike vary depending on whether you are buying a new electric bike or converting a standard bike.
However, you may find that it is not harmful whether it is for transportation, economically or in the environment.
Electric bicycles do not produce gas emissions or noise.
The maximum speed of the electric bike is limited to 20 miles per hour, so it reduces the chance of accidents and serious injuries to riders compared to the manual bike.
Electric bikes run at lower cost than other fuels
Power car.
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