How do electricity distributors choose lithium batteries

by:CTECHi     2021-07-28

Recently, many electric distribution dealers have consulted me about their views on lithium batteries for electric vehicles. I would like to listen to my suggestions for the distribution of lithium batteries. Based on the nature of the commercial operations of electric distribution companies, the following analysis is given for reference Three stages:

1. Within two years, the lithium battery industry is growing wildly with mixed good and bad. The current lithium batteries circulating in the market are nothing more than the following sources: professional lithium battery manufacturers; large-scale Lead-acid battery companies bring them to make lithium batteries; many of them rent a workshop of several hundred square meters to assemble and produce, and even some electricity distributors are buying batteries to assemble themselves. In terms of technology and quality control, there are many hidden dangers. As these lithium batteries of worrisome quality flood the market, fires and explosions will occur frequently. Tesla and NIO, which caught fires recently, will cause a lot of people to panic because of problems. It is easy to be exposed to various media, which will cause consumers to hesitate to lithium batteries. There will be a phenomenon of consumption from 'lead to lithium' to lead-acid batteries. The government and relevant industry departments have begun to rectify;

2. There will be a period of competition for hegemony in the lithium battery industry in three to five years, and government departments will conduct rectification due to the frequent occurrence of various problems with lithium batteries (refer to the review of lead-acid batteries since 2011. Since the environmental storm in May 2005, the lead-acid battery industry has been controlled to the present situation), and many lithium battery problem companies will be eliminated at that time, and lithium battery manufacturers with strength and technical quality will engage in midfield games, while today’s lead battery industry Acid battery giants are at a new starting line in the competition in the lithium battery industry. Lithium battery companies with technology and strength are busy enclosing expansion and long-term market deployment, entering a period of warlord melee or battle for hegemony;

3. In the next eight to ten years, the lithium battery industry will form the same industry pattern as lead-acid batteries today.

The above three stages are my predictions based on the law of industry development and the government’s macro-control methods. As an electric distribution company, I can rationally treat the projects of lithium battery distribution in Malaysia. My attitude is that two considerations can be made within two years:

One is to sign the lithium battery distributorship of the same brand in the case of first-line lead-acid batteries. , But it can only be positioned for cultivation, and cannot invest too much money and time and energy to avoid being signed by opponents in the local market to drive other product sales with brand effects and disrupt the order of your own brand;

Secondly, do not rush to launch lithium battery distribution within two years, because it has not yet played a significant profit support role, but will involve the trouble of handling due to the occurrence of various safety issues, so in about two years, the Trial and error tasks are left to adventurous people. You must practice your internal skills, standardize and upgrade your own management, team building, customer service, and operation mode, and strive for perfection to build your own platform.

The right time to launch the lithium battery project is when the relevant government departments issue a list of compliant companies after the first round of rectification of the lithium battery industry! It can be determined responsibly: the high-quality lithium battery production companies that will survive at that time will only choose to cooperate with high-quality dealer platforms in the local market, so what you have to do now is to work hard, and then there will be high-quality lithium battery companies to you Stretch out the olive branch! The work comes naturally!

The advice to friends for the distribution of lithium battery products is: if you can do it, you must do it; if you can’t do it, you can do it! It means: Some things can be done but not done. Such a person is called a coward. Some things cannot be done but forced to do it. Such a person is called a stupid man.

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