How can we extend the service life of lead-acid batteries?

by:CTECHi     2021-08-08

Simple method

1. Don't over-discharge, charge it in time;

2, pay attention to freezing. Add water when it's time to add water.

Complete method

1. Increase the electrolyte density;

2. Charge it up in time;

3. Keep the battery temperature at zero Celsius or higher;

4, charge immediately after adding distilled water in winter;

5, avoid continuous and frequent starting;

6, ensure that the engine and electric start system are in good condition ;

7. Increase the charging voltage;

8. The battery should be removed when the vehicle is out of service for a long time;

When the vehicle is not working for a long time, the battery should To remove it, first wipe the outside of the battery with a damp cloth to make the outside clean and the air vent unobstructed. Wipe clean the dust, oil, white powder and other dirt on the panel and column head (that is, the positive and negative poles) that may cause leakage. Then open the water filling cover of the battery to see if the water level is in the normal position. If the water level is lower than the lowest mark, you must add distilled water. It is strictly forbidden to replace it with domestic water. Finally, fully charge it, tighten the screw plug, and place it in a ventilated and dry room with a temperature higher than zero degrees Celsius. Afterwards, check the height of the electrolyte level every half a month, add distilled water immediately when it is insufficient, and recharge it every 30 days.

Although the battery is afraid of low temperature, not only the capacity will be reduced at low temperature, but there is also the possibility that the electrolyte will freeze, which will cause the shell to burst, the plate will be squeezed and deformed, and the active material may fall off, but as long as the user follows Careful care of the above requirements can ensure that the battery can survive the winter safely.

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