How big is the safety gap between the lithium iron phosphate battery and the magazine?

by:CTECHi     2021-08-24
Nowadays, people care about the safety of electric vehicles, especially the frequent occurrences of Tesla’s automatic acceleration and braking out of control and other safety incidents, which make users who buy electric vehicles care more and more about safety. After all, there are thousands of roads and safety. Article one. The primary safety of electric vehicles is battery safety, because some batteries will not only ignite spontaneously, but even explode in a collision. So, what kind of battery is safer? Does lithium iron phosphate battery have a big magazine protection safety gap? In addition to the blade battery that everyone knows is very safe, a magazine battery came out. What is a magazine battery? The magazine, as the name suggests, is a tool for supplying ammunition, and the safety of the lithium iron phosphate battery protected by the magazine is different from that of the one without the protection of the magazine? GAC Aian not only conducted a puncture test on the magazine battery in March this year, but also conducted a needle puncture test on the magazine battery again on May 20th. Check the puncture response. Is it safe? In the puncture test, a complete pack of ordinary lithium iron phosphate batteries and a complete pack of lithium iron phosphate batteries with magazine protection are used for comparative puncture tests. The 8 mm thickest steel needle is used to puncture the two fully charged conditions. What will be the result of the two batteries? After the puncture, the entire pack of ordinary lithium iron phosphate battery packs after the steel needle pierced the cell to trigger thermal runaway, the voltage dropped and the temperature rose, the highest temperature was 329.4 ℃, and smoke appeared, lasting 16 minutes . After being punctured, the maximum temperature of the lithium iron phosphate battery pack protected by the magazine is only 51.1℃. After 48 hours of inactivity, the cell voltage drops to 0V, the temperature drops to room temperature, and there is no smoke, fire or explosion. Phenomenon, the battery pack is in a stable state. Open the battery system shell, its internal structure is intact. When buying an electric car, choose ternary lithium or lithium iron phosphate battery? The latter is safer! Under the condition of the same battery life of 600 kilometers, the weight of the whole battery pack is more than 100-150 kg less than other lithium iron phosphate batteries. The heavier the weight of the battery, the more electricity it consumes. However, the endurance of ternary lithium ion batteries in low temperature environments is about 10% higher than that of lithium iron phosphate batteries, but lithium iron phosphate has an ultra-high cycle charging life of more than 4000 times, and the life of ternary lithium ion batteries will be Much shorter. The overall performance of the ternary lithium ion battery is stronger, and the lithium iron phosphate battery has better thermal stability and safety. The lithium iron phosphate battery protected by a magazine can withstand high temperatures, and the battery itself cools quickly, so it is safer. So, when you buy an electric car, should you choose a ternary lithium-ion battery or a lithium iron phosphate battery?
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