Horrified doctors save little girl, 5, after finding she’s had a button battery lodged in her throat for SIX MONTHS and her oesophagus grew around it

by:CTECHi     2019-12-06
The frightened doctor saved a five. year-
The old girl found a button battery stuck in her throat six months later.
Shaylah Carmichael from Melbourne, Australia was taken to hospital last weekend for swallowing difficulties, fever, vomiting and weight loss.
When X-
The light showed that a small button battery stuck in the girl\'s throat, blocked the passage to the stomach, and \"corroded\" in the body.
According to the Daily Mail, the young girl was immediately transferred to Monash Children\'s Hospital for emergency surgery and removed the foreign body.
Kirra Carmichael, the mother of the 32-year-old girl, said she has repeatedly taken her daughter to the hospital after complaining about sore throat and unable to swallow food.
However, it is reported that the doctor failed to diagnose her correctly many times and only performed X-
Light in her abdomen or refer the child to a pediatrician.
Kirra Carmichael wrote in an exciting post on Facebook: \"Our world has been shaken.
\"When a mother says something is wrong with their little girl, doctors and pediatricians need to listen and do more tests.
\"On April 2, the day the battery was found, the girl\'s mother said that the doctor at the first aid hospital was ready to send her daughter home.
She was finally taken to do the swallow test.
A test on the esophagus shows that once the food is swallowed, the doctor will know where it is.
Once tested, the doctor asked the girl\'s mother to remove the necklace from her daughter\'s neck
Carmichael replied that her daughter was not dressed.
The frightened doctor immediately took these five. year-
For further X-
Finally, it was found that her esophagus began to grow around the battery.
She now calls for a ban on silver button batteries that are often found in household items such as clocks and calculators.
On 2015, an Australian girl died in Melbourne after swallowing a button battery.
She was also sent home many times by a doctor who mistakenly diagnosed her with a urinary tract infection.
Swallowing a button battery can eventually lead to alkaline burns, internal ulcers, and internal bleeding in the body, but in the early days the symptoms are characterized by fever and vomiting.
For some young children, small and shiny batteries are sometimes like toys, and therefore pose special risks.
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