Honda’s Fluoride-Ion Battery Breakthrough: The Future of EVs?

by:CTECHi     2019-11-28
Honda Research Institute (HRI)
A new breakthrough in battery technology has been announced to replace the more popular lithium with fluoride.
Fluoride is the most electric.
Negative elements on the periodic table, in contrast, lithium is the most important electronic elementpositive one.
According to HRI, fluorine has the ability to store more energy than the positive element opposite it.
The new battery breakthrough developed by HRI with researchers from NASA-Jet Propulsion Laboratory (NASA-JPL)
California Institute of Technology (Caltech)
, Is able to use materials with higher energy density compared to existing battery technology. Fluoride-
Ion batteries attract electrons instead of shedding electrons like lithiumion cells do.
By having a low atomic weight and a very high ability to store electrons, the energy density of fluoride can reach 10 times that of lithiumion batteries.
Unfortunately they only work at 150 degrees Celsius or more
That is, before HRI conducts research.
Check out the video explaining fluoride
The ion battery technology is detailed as follows: the researchers managed to develop a job --
About fluoride
The temperature limit based on the battery allows them to new
Develop technology to generate more energy
High density fluorine batteries can be used even at room temperature.
In addition, fluorine-
The researchers said that unlike lithium, the ion battery will not overheat.
Ion batteries that are easily volatile and explosive under the same circumstances.
Better yet, the new battery technology is more eco-friendly
It is more friendly than lithium, mainly because its raw materials have a lower impact on the environment.
Researchers at NASA Honda
JPL and Caltech expect their technology to go beyond electric vehicles and expand to all areas from consumer electronics to home equipment at some point in the future.
Honda\'s fluorine-
Ion battery breakthrough: the future of electric vehicles?
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