Honda developed a new type of magnesium battery, the cost is significantly lower than the lithium battery

by:CTECHi     2021-08-01

In the past 10 years, lithium batteries were mainly used in consumer electronics, electric vehicles and other fields. Today, the media claimed that Japan's Honda has developed a new type of magnesium battery with lower production costs but superior performance than lithium batteries.

This project was led by the Industrial Technology Center of Saitama Prefecture, Japan, and Honda Ru0026D Center analyzed the feasibility of the technology. They plan to officially announce the results of this research at the Chiba Science Conference next month.

For a long time, many researchers have tried to use magnesium in rechargeable batteries, but the biggest disadvantage of this material is that its charging performance will decline rapidly during the charging and discharging process. This time, researchers from Honda and the Saitama Industrial Technology Center found a solution. They used a new material in the positive stage of the battery-vanadium oxide, which makes it easier for ions to move between the positive stage and the magnesium-based negative electrode. . After many times of charging and discharging, vanadium oxide can still maintain stable performance without degradation.

According to the researchers, for safety reasons, they added an organic substance that can reduce the risk of magnesium fire.

Currently, developers are cooperating with many battery manufacturers to achieve mass production of magnesium batteries. They plan to first commercialize this technology on smartphones or other portable devices, and it is expected to be commercially available in 2018.

Magnesium batteries may become a disruptor in the battery field. In the future, our smart phones or other devices will therefore get longer battery life. For equipment manufacturers, the cost of magnesium is 96% lower than that of lithium, and the use of magnesium batteries will greatly reduce production costs.

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