home solar power systems - pros and cons

by:CTECHi     2020-09-10
Poor economic conditions, coupled with rising energy costs, many people are looking for alternative sources of energy.
Many homes \"go green\" by installing household solar systems \".
What are the pros and cons of solar power generation?
Take a few minutes to examine the advantages and disadvantages of solar technology.
Let\'s first look at the drawbacks of switching to solar. 1)Cost.
The initial cost of buying a system that is enough to replace a utility company can be quite high.
The newly installed system starts at $20,000 and starts to rise from there. 2)Space.
A system that can improve household energy efficiency requires a large area of solar panels.
Most installations are installed on the roof.
It does take advantage of the existing space, but it changes the look of your home. 3)
Limited power generation.
Power generation is efficient only when the sun shines.
Night power demand must be met through a battery storage system or by purchasing power from a local utility.
Now let\'s take a look at some of the reasons why you should consider turning to sustainable energy such as solar energy. 1)Free energy.
Once set, the power supply (the sun)is free.
It can greatly reduce or eliminate your electricity bill.
Minimum maintenance;
Keep the panel clean and replace the battery as needed. 2)
Potential income.
If you generate excess power, you can sell it to a local power company.
Imagine your meter running in reverse and getting a monthly check from the power company. 3)
Green technology.
Solar energy is a clean and environmental energy source.
It will not pollute, it will not produce smog, it will not cause heavy rain, and it will not cause global warming.
In addition, your eco-friendly home will help reduce our country\'s dependence on unreliable foreign energy sources. 4)
Energy from the sun is renewable and sustainable.
The sun rises every day.
You will generate some electricity even on cloudy days.
Reducing dependence on power companies while improving the environment is a strong reason to switch to solar energy.
However, do these benefits outweigh the disadvantages of a large initial cash expenditure?
The economic return of a professionally installed solar system depends on your current power cost, which can last up to 20 years.
If you want to achieve green environment without high cost, consider making and installing solar panels yourself.
Hundreds of families have already done so and are now enjoying the benefits of clean, sustainable energy.
The latest progress in solar cell manufacturing, coupled with the ready-made availability of quality plans, makes it a viable project to install your own home solar system.
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