high strength cree xr-e led rechargeable torch flashlight

by:CTECHi     2020-01-29
CREE XR-E. LED rechargeable flashlight black K35 uses CNC technology to manufacture high-strength T6061 aviation aluminum alloy.Size of 117*23*23mm, it is high by 1*18650-energy, memory-free, eco-friendly Li-Ion rechargeable battery with capacity of 2400 mAh.In addition, the maximum lighting distance can reach 200.
Cree cree xre led rechargeable Flashlight k35 Flashlight is made of high strength material tt6061 aviation aluminum alloy with CNC technology.Li of ecological friendshipIt can cover 200 of the maximum lighting distance.This is a very bright flashlight and you can always use this product if you are planning to go out for a camping or picnic.
It can be easily placed in your pocket but can be seen.This will get a full charge in a few hours, and then you can use it like a whole day.So don\'t worry about replacing the torch battery now, you have a smart torch with a rechargeable battery.
The silver K35 Led rechargeable flashlight of this specification is as follows-* Size 148*32*25mm.* Silver color.* Brightness and ultra-bright XRE x93 CREE Led LEDs are up to 80lm.* It has a rechargeable battery of 18650.* Torch housing produced by CNC technology is made of high strength material T6061 aviation aluminum alloy.
* Anode oxidation treatment of the product.* Wear resistance.* The life of this rechargeable battery is almost 100,000 hours.* The maximum distance this flashlight can cover is 200.
* The working current of this flashlight is 750 mA.*3.5 v is the working voltage used by this cree XRE Led rechargeable Flashlight silver k35 Flashlight.* Depending on the battery capacity of 2400 mAh, you can use this flashlight continuously for more than 2 hours.
* It has a switch that you can use to change the 3 modes of the flashlight.* As a complete product, it comes with a flashlight, rechargeable battery and charger.Check out Silver K35 from here: this cree XRE Led rechargeable flashlight Silver K35 is a great product to buy at this price and all of these features are well worth it.
Their manufacturers use high-performance products and materials when making this rechargeable flashlight.This is the product you can rely on dark nights, and it is very reliable if you charge the touch battery.With this flashlight you can easily see up to 200 m.
Another advantage of this Flashlight is that it is light weight, so there is no longer a need to carry a bulky Flashlight, and you can easily handle this cree XRE Led rechargeable Flashlight Silver k35 Flashlight.Its shape and style are also very good and easy to carry.It has a good grip that allows you to hold it easily.
This is a complete package of reliability, durability, high quality and very good performance.Silver cree XRE Led rechargeable flashlight Silver k35 Silver is one of the best products in the rechargeable flashlight series with an extremely bright flashlight.You can see more LED falshlight in the following locations: Overall, it\'s a great choice to have this cree xre Led rechargeable flashlight Silver K35 as a pocket flashlight for the dark ages.
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