High Area Capacity Lithium-Sulfur Full-cell Battery with Prelitiathed Silicon Nanowire-Carbon Anodes for Long Cycling Stability

by:CTECHi     2019-12-16
We present a complete Li/S battery that solves high power electricity using balanced and high capacity electrodes
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The anode consists of a component that is densely grown on a 3D Carbon grid by silicon nanoparticles as active materials, as light
The weight current collector provides extremely high area capacity for Reversible Li storage up to 9 mah/cm 2.
The dense growth is guaranteed by developing a multi-functional Au precursor for uniform deposition of the Au layer on a 3D substrate.
Compared to the metal Li, the system exhibits excellent performance as an anode for the Li/S battery, such as safe operation, long cycle life and easy handling.
These electrodes are combined with S/C composite cathode with high area density to form Li/S full
Cells with ether-
Lithium trifluoride
Basic electrolyte with high ion conductivity.
The result is a highly cyclable whole
The area capacity is 2.
3 mah/cm 2, the cycle capacity of more than 450 cycles, the capacity after 80% cycles is maintained at 150 (
Capacity loss 99. 9%)via the doctor-
Blade coating technology.
Drying of-
The prepared positive electrode is composed of two steps, heated to 80 ℃ with 2 ℃/min, and heat treated at 80 ℃. 5u2009h.
Half Full-
Battery with SiNW/C composite electrode (diameter 12u2009mm)
Prepared and characterized. Half-
The battery is assembled into a coin battery (MTI Corp. , CR2016)in an argon-
Fill the glove box (MBraun,
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