here are our 3 favorite amazon tech deals for thursday

by:CTECHi     2020-01-05
The Amazon Gold Box deal on Thursday includes Logitech mouse, a portable Bluetooth stereo speaker system, and a pack of motion sensor lights.
Save up to $109 in points with a discount of up to 73%.
Read on and browse the best Amazon technology deals of the day.
Use this Logitech Wireless Performance Mouse MX to use your laptop in more places, and this Mouse MX only has a 27% advantage on Amazon.
Using the new dark field laser tracking technology, the mouse works on more surfaces than most other mice.
Dark field laser tracking is the culmination of a breakthrough five projects
A year of engineering efforts.
It allows you to track more surfaces than ever before
Glass, granite and hardwood floors included
No mouse pad.
The technology tracks mouse movement by making detailed miniature mouse
Face road map.
Like the Logitech G403 Prodigy mouse, this Logitech model is very responsive. It has a plug-and-
Forget to stay on your notebook and connect up to six unified receivers for compatible devices in different places.
The receiver is too small for you to put it on your notebook and forget about it.
The mouse also has USB charging power, so you never need to look for a battery to use it.
Ogogitech Wireless Performance Mouse MX usually retails for $55, but today it\'s only $40 on Amazon, saving you $15 (27 percent).
AmazonSnag, the world\'s first Bluetooth stereo speaker with iHome iKN150B portable rechargeable Bluetooth stereo speaker system with built-in rechargeable battery, is currently locked in Amazon for more than $100.
The speaker system also features a removable 2600mAh K-
Battery power group, charge in the Speaker and supply power during the trip to charge the smartphone.
The speaker system has a separate internal and external battery level gauge.
On the go, it can easily provide up to 12 hours of playback time.
Also have aux Bluetooth speakers-
Connect and Play non in Jack
Bluetooth devices.
Like many of the best Bluetooth speakers, this iHome model allows you to wirelessly transfer music from any Bluetooth-enabled device. It has an auto-
Link function for automatic reconnection
Pair with your Bluetooth device whenever you are in 10 minutesmeter range.
Near field communication capability (NFC)
, You can pair your NFC-
Just touch the two devices together to realize a smartphone with speakers.
The Ihome ikn50b portable rechargeable Bluetooth stereo speaker system typically retails at $149, but is currently discounted to $40 on Amazon, saving you $109 (73 percent).
Amazon said goodbye to what collided with these Amir motion sensor lights in the dark, which are currently at a discount of 70% on Amazon.
The lights illuminate where you don\'t currently have lighting, or where the light switch is too far from the door.
Idea Hacks lists lights as one of the 10 best sports
Sensor lights are below $50 and they turn on when motion is detected.
They have a PIR motion and light sensor that turns on automatically within 10 feet and turns off automatically after 20 seconds without movement. The auto-
The Off function helps extend the battery life of the bulb.
The light fixture has an ultra-bright LED bulb with an output of up to 20 lumens.
The round and compact dimensions of the lamps make them ideal night lights that are light and portable.
They are battery operated, so you can install them easily and without wires.
A pack of sixAmir motion sensor lights usually retail for $74, but now you can get them on Amazon for $22, saving $52 (70 percent).
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