heat shrink coin & holder: 6 steps (with …

by:CTECHi     2019-12-06
Grab the 22-
Measure the solid connection wire for your project and cut the two segments to the desired length.
For easy identification, I select the red line to represent my positive lead, and the black line to represent my negative lead;
Each battery will be connected to the respective positive and negative battery terminals.
For both wires, peel off the insulation about the length of the diameter of the coin/button battery used in the project.
Once the insulation is stripped, wrap the bare wire around the needle-nose pillar in a circle so that it begins to spiral.
The curved spiral shape of the ends of these wires will maximize the surface area between the wire leads and the battery terminals, while providing compression tension, keeping the wire leads between the battery terminals and the heat shrink sleeve.
Once the correct shrink tube diameter is selected and cut to the desired sleeve length, it may be necessary to slightly stretch the inner diameter of the shrink tube to allow the battery to be installed.
First test the install battery to see if you can put it into the heat shrink sleeve without stretching the coin/button battery.
If stretching is required, I find that inserting the needle and nose column into the heat shrink sleeve and gently prying the handle outward is an effective way to increase the inner diameter of the heat shrink sleeve.
Be careful not to over stretch the heat shrink sleeve in this process;
A little effort is a long way to go, so stretch a little at a time until you can put the coin/button battery in with a comfortable fitting.
When you plug the coin/button battery into the heat shrink sleeve, slightly deviate the battery from the center position between the opening ends of the heat shrink sleeve.
Due to the close-fitting, it may be necessary to pass the battery through the sleeve.
Pushing with a needle and nose column in a closed position seems to be an effective way to push the battery into the sleeve.
When you plug the coin/button battery into the heat shrink sleeve, it is beneficial to note which battery sides are positive and negative terminals.
Once the battery is plugged into the heat shrink sleeve, it is difficult to tell which is which.
Since the battery is located in the heat shrink sleeve, we can now insert the previously prepared lead wire into the coin/button battery terminal.
When inserting a wire lead between the coin/button battery terminal and the heat shrink sleeve endothelial, make sure that the end of the screw Wire points to the battery terminal;
This will reduce the risk of the end of the wire passing through the heat shrink sleeve and provide a slight spring tension during compression.
If you deviate the battery slightly from the center position of the heat shrink sleeve, insert the lead wire from the side of the longer sleeve;
This will allow more sleeves to wrap around the wire wires when the sleeve shrinks.
Please also make sure that the wire leads go deep enough so that the insulation of the wire rests on the coin/button battery terminals;
This will reduce the risk of the lead short-circuiting two coin/button battery terminals.
If you specify a specific wire color for each battery terminal polarity, it\'s time to remember which side of the battery in the heat shrink sleeve.
After inserting and positioning the two wire wires correctly, gently squeeze the sides of the coin/button battery to make the spiral wire slightly flat.
You don\'t want to squeeze too much because you need to leave some spring tension to keep a good mechanical hold between the coin/button battery, the wire lead and the heat shrink sleeve.
Once you are comfortable with the position of the coin/button battery and wire leads in the heat shrink sleeve, it is time to apply some heat to shrink the package.
While the correct approach is to use a heat gun to slowly and gradually shrink the Heat Shrink tube, the daily lighter can also work.
If you decide to use a lighter, make sure that the flame does not come into contact with wire lead insulation or heat shrink tube housing.
Perform several rhythmic and Uniform Transfers on both sides of the heat shrink sleeve to ensure that you have fully reduced the sleeve for the fixed coin/button battery and wire leads.
After giving it a minute or so to cool down, your assembly is complete.
At this point, I recommend testing it with a multimeter to confirm the required voltage and make sure there is no short circuit.
For added safety, additional compression can be applied to the heat shrink sleeve, lead wire, and coin/button battery pack using a small zip/cable tie belt. --
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