Hanchuan Intelligent Empowers Lithium Battery Intelligent Manufacturing Upgrade

by:CTECHi     2021-10-03
The large-scale development of lithium-ion batteries puts forward new requirements for production and manufacturing. The production and manufacturing links must be more responsive, more efficient, and have better services. Intelligent manufacturing has thus moved to the center of the stage of lithium battery manufacturing. On March 20th, the 2021 Lithium-ion Battery Intelligent Manufacturing Summit was reopened in Shenzhen. The summit was named by Hymson Laser and 800 guests from lithium-ion batteries, smart equipment, manufacturing lines, warehousing and logistics, etc. The cafes gathered together to discuss the evolution of lithium-ion battery smart manufacturing. On the afternoon of the 20th, at the [Stand Robot Title] Core Equipment and Production Line Automation Special, Zhao Xiang, Director of Hanchuan Intelligent Interconnect Product Department, delivered a keynote speech entitled 'The Road to Intelligent Manufacturing Upgrade in the Lithium Battery Industry'. From the perspective of a professional smart solution supplier, it elaborates its understanding of smart manufacturing around industrial interconnection. △ Zhao Xiang, Director of Hanchuan Intelligent Interconnect Product Department, Zhao Xiang pointed out that intelligent manufacturing must first create an agile manufacturing model with closed-loop capabilities of perception, decision-making, and execution. Just as the meaning of Li Peigen of the Chinese Academy of Engineering: The essence of intelligent manufacturing is to use the automatic flow of data to resolve the uncertainty of complex systems, improve the efficiency of the allocation of manufacturing resources, and enhance the competitive (survival) advantage of manufacturing organizations. The essence of intelligent manufacturing includes manufacturing upgrades and management upgrades. Manufacturing upgrades refer to hard work such as upgrading logistics methods, upgrading automation equipment, and warehousing. The management upgrade is the upgrade of the company's own management process, such as the upgrade of management concepts, management software, etc., which are soft skills and need to practice internal skills. Hanchuan Intelligent believes that a typical manufacturing company's intelligent upgrade path includes five major processes: lean, automation, digitization, networking, and intelligence. First, the company needs to lean the meaning of its own standards, including the standardized output of process and management processes, and form a series of standard processes. After the standard process is in place, various company management software is introduced to precipitate the management process, and then an automated assembly line is introduced to precipitate the production process, that is, process automation. Complete the layout of the production link, in a series of digital management models for Ru0026D and marketing resumes. After the completion of digitization, the network deployment cannot be ignored. The company is required to break the various information islands of its own system internally, connect with the customer system externally, and connect with the supply chain system to achieve horizontal network expansion. The last is intelligence. After completing the previous digitization and networking, the intelligent factory can be truly implemented. By introducing intelligent algorithms to do dynamic production scheduling, it is also possible to intelligently challenge the company's internal operations based on various upstream and downstream information from customers or the supply chain. Zhao Xiang pointed out that the level of intelligent manufacturing technology includes industrial manufacturing technology and industrial Internet technology, and industrial Internet technology can start from the edge, big data processing, cloud technology and other dimensions to help traditional manufacturing technology install the brain, and it is also indispensable for the implementation of intelligent manufacturing. One of the important links. Based on this, the landing of the Industrial Internet is also the key to the development of intelligent manufacturing. As a professional intelligent solution provider, Hanchuan Intelligent has gone through various projects, practiced, summarized and precipitated relevant experience to form the Hanchuan Waterdrop Intelligent Manufacturing Platform. At present, the platform has completed two stable product lines, namely, the Industrial Internet Product Line (IIoT) OPENLINKPlatform and the Manufacturing Operation Management Product Line (MOM). The latter is a product line developed around the management process of the workshop, including MOSPlatform one-stop manufacturing Operational solution platform and MOSLite, the latter focuses on lightweight MOS for production process and quality control. Among them, the OPENLINK industrial Internet platform is an important solution to three major problems, namely, a unified data access platform, a data storage analysis platform, and a data application development platform. For example, different equipment suppliers may have different equipment interfaces, in addition to different offline detection equipment, and information islands, and the purpose of OPENLINK is to realize the unified presentation of software, hardware and systems. At present, after more than ten years of experience in project implementation, Hanchuan Intelligent has a very complete project management, project delivery process, professional marketing and professional consultant team, and can help customers tailor a series of solutions. In the field of lithium battery, as a one-stop solution provider, Hanchuan Intelligent can provide a one-stop solution from the production line to the standard lithium battery industry, to the data collection and interconnection, and to the MES of the workshop.
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