Guoxuan Hi-Tech 'hands in' BOSCH to supply lithium-ion batteries for it

by:CTECHi     2021-08-11

In order to further improve the start-stop performance (stop sliding, energy recovery, etc.) and increase energy-saving sales, the 48V system will be the future trend.

Guoxuan Hi-Tech announced on February 13 that its wholly-owned subsidiary Hefei Guoxuan and Robert Bosch GmbH (hereinafter referred to as BOSCH) have recently signed a purchase agreement. As a qualified supplier of BOSCH, Hefei Guoxuan will provide BOSCH with lithium-ion batteries, modules and battery packs (parts, products), etc. The company will become a point A supplier of BOSCH's global low-voltage battery platform, and it is expected to start supplying in 2020.

Guoxuan High-Tech said that the 12V lithium iron phosphate start-stop power supply planned for Bosch this time, the 12V start-stop system belongs to the category of micro-mixing, and is mainly used to solve urban driving Fuel consumption and emissions problems are caused by parking and idling. In the context of increasingly stringent emission standards, start-stop power supplies in Europe have basically been popularized, and the country is also in the stage of accelerating penetration; in addition, to further improve the start-stop performance (stop sliding, energy recovery, etc.), and increase energy-saving sales. Consider that the 48V system will be the future trend.

The 12V start-stop system used to be mainly AGM lead-acid batteries, mainly for cost considerations; while the lithium iron phosphate battery has cycle life (requires frequent start and stop), space, etc. Compared with AGM batteries, they have greater advantages over AGM batteries. In recent years, with the rapid decline in the price of iron-lithium batteries, the corresponding alternative space is gradually opening up; in the future, 48V start-stop batteries will also mainly use lithium batteries, which will bring additional space for lithium batteries (start-stop). A single charge of the power supply is generally less than 1kwh).

Guoxuan Hi-Tech ranked third in the ranking of China's power battery installed capacity companies in 2018, with a total installed power of approximately 3.09GWh and a market share of approximately 5.43 %, second only to Ningde era and BYD. At the same time, Guoxuan Hi-Tech ranks third in the installed capacity of cylindrical, square and soft pack batteries.

Guoxuan Hi-Tech is one of the earliest companies to deploy lithium iron phosphate batteries. In recent years, it has been focusing on the production of lithium iron phosphate batteries and continuously improving battery performance. At present, Guoxuan High-Tech's mass-produced cylindrical battery products have an energy density of up to 180Wh/kg, and can be used for models with a cruising range of more than 400km. The newly developed 190Wh/kg cylindrical battery products will also be mass-produced in 2019.

In the context of the imminent decline of new energy vehicle subsidies, the industry will accelerate the transition from 'policy-driven' to 'market-driven, Some car company leaders told SMM that there are currently two preparations for the subsidy decline: one is to accelerate the stocking speed and capacity lock-in of high-nickel ternary batteries, and try to get the highest subsidy as the goal; secondly It is the beginning of preparations for the post-subsidy era. Considering that the lithium iron phosphate technology route has the advantages of high safety, low cost and long life, it will increase the strategic cooperation with the lithium iron phosphate battery factory.

Guoxuan Hi-Tech, as a representative of lithium iron phosphate battery companies, is also actively promoting the application of lithium iron phosphate batteries in the passenger car field, which has a good cost advantage. On October 23, 2018, Guoxuan Hi-Tech signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Jianghuai Automobile. In 2019, Guoxuan Hi-Tech ensured that Jianghuai Automobile will continue to add more than 4GWh of batteries for a total of seven models including passenger cars and commercial vehicles. , With sales exceeding 4 billion yuan.

Guoxuan Hi-Tech stated that the company will continue to maintain stable cooperation with BAIC New Energy and Jianghuai Automobile. The company and Chery Automobile have good cooperation in the commercial vehicle field in 2018. Passenger cars are also expected to make progress this year, and it is expected that the power battery business will see rapid growth in 2019.

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