growing popularity of lithium-ion battery packs

by:CTECHi     2020-03-01
Why lithium?
Is the ion battery pack popular?
Lithium is the lightest of all metals.
It has the highest electric potential, providing the highest energy density per weight. G. N.
Lewis and others started Li-
Ion battery in 1912
However, it was not until the middle of 1970s that the world ushered in the first
Commercial rechargeable lithium batteries.
Quality of lithium
The ion battery has the highest energy density, so Li-
Ion batteries have advantages over ordinary nickel-cadmium batteries.
Due to the improvement of electrode active compounds, Li-
The power density of ion batteries is almost three times that of nickel-cadmium batteries.
In addition, the load capacity of lithium batteries is also considerable.
It has a flat discharge curve that gives you the opportunity to use the saved power within the voltage range of your choice.
A noteworthy quality of lithium --
Low maintenance is required for ion battery packs.
Without memory, the battery does not need a predetermined cycle to extend its life.
When you take them with NiMH batteries and Ni-
Cd battery, selfDischarge of Li
The ion battery is less than 50% and is ideal for oil meter applications. The Li-
The ion battery has a high battery voltage, allowing the manufacture of a battery pack consisting of only one battery.
This greatly simplifies the battery design.
This is how several mobile phones are designed today.
In modern times, electronic applications have low supply voltage.
This requires less battery per pack.
However, you may need a higher current to get enough power at a low voltage.
Battery packs with low battery resistance allow free current flow.
Areas for improvement of lithium
Although the battery pack is safe to use, it requires a protection circuit.
However, this circuit limits current flow, an area where experts need more work to find a solution.
When not in use, Li-
Ion batteries age.
The solution to this problem is to store the battery pack in a cool place in a 40% stateof-charge.
Storing batteries in this case slows down the aging process.
When you order a bulk battery pack, your goods are subject to regulatory laws and transport laws.
These laws do not apply to batteries ordered for personal use.
Compared with nickel-cadmium batteries, the production cost of lithium batteries is indeed higher.
Of course, they also sell at a higher price, though not too expensive to afford.
If experts replace rare metals with something more readily available and improve engineering and battery design, the cost may be reduced.
When you compare the advantages of lithium batteries, it doesn\'t seem important to improve the place.
In addition, with the advancement of technology, it is most likely to improve in the near future.
Of course, users can\'t ignore the amazing energy density of lithium.
The ion battery pack paved the way for greater capacity and an amazing low self
Emission quality.
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