groundbreaking nova scotia battery-tech start-up gets federal cash

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The future of lithium
Battery life-
A key component of a world without fossil fuels
Maybe lying in a humble bunker.
Halifax style architecture
Industrial Park.
Along a concrete hall, passing by a ping-pong table, is an aircraft hangar.
Like a room with a high ceiling, the electronics are spinning, and a huge loading door is open to the air at the port.
This is the office of Novonix battery testing service, which is trying to improve
Precision battery testing systems for technology companies such as Apple and Tesla Motors. The start-
Stripped out of the Husky medal.
Jeff Dane\'s winning work
Battery Lab, Dalhousie University.
In June, the Australian-listed Novonix Group acquired a majority stake in the company, which is now stepping up its efforts to expand its customer base.
The federal government believes that with the transfer of fossil fuels in the world, the status of the energy superpower is threatened.
The tank war will last for a long time.
With the help of a $500,000 loan announced Tuesday by Atlantic Canada opportunity agency, Novonix plans to relocate to a larger facility, adding its 8-
Expand the team of personnel for equipment sales and testing services. High demand-powered, long-Long lasting lithium
Ion batteries are expected to soar with restrictions on gasolineand diesel-
Fuel cars and renewable energy
Increased storage requirements.
Testing and extending the life expectancy of rechargeable batteries will become an increasingly important part of R & D.
This could be a huge step for the company\'s lithium
Test function of Dahn-ion battery
He works with Tesla, a California electric vehicle and solar panel company led by CEO Elon Musk
A new patent was also assigned to Novonix.
\"It\'s very difficult to make lithium --
Ion cells that last for a long time, \"said the doctor.
Chris Burns, president and CEO of Novonix
\"It\'s harder to prove this. \"Lithium-
From mobile phones, laptops to vacuum cleaners and electric cars, powerful rechargeable batteries fuel everything.
They are even used in grids.
Energy storage project.
Traditional methods for testing lithium life-
Ion batteries can take months or even years.
But Novonix has cut the test time to a few weeks.
\"We have developed and commercialized a system that is more accurate than anyone else in the market, this allows researchers to learn about the performance of their batteries in just a few weeks. traditional methods may take months or even years, Burns said. The 30-year-
In 2009, old came to Halifax from outside Boston to attend Dalhousie University.
Very big degree on isof-
Now Novonix has accumulated an impressive list of customers including Panasonic, Dyson, Bosch and 3 m.
\"We went to meetings and trade shows and Jeff Dane mentioned us,\" Burns said . \".
\"It\'s a very small industry, and people hear from us, which is very busy for us.
\"Keep high localization
Novonix, a technology electronics company, measures curun efficiency to determine minor changes in rechargeable lithium
Ion battery chemistry society affects for a long time
Battery performance.
The company makes equipment from local suppliers.
The metal work came from the prototype box at Cape Breton, while the board assembly was done by Sunsel Systems in Dartmouth.
Novonix plans to expand its equipment supply soon, including the latest intellectual property rights of the Dahn laboratory.
Although the residual life of lithium is estimated
Dahn said he noticed that it was difficult for lithium-ion batteries
The ion battery is aging and the liquid electrolyte in the battery slowly becomes solid.
He said: \"When the liquid is gone, the battery is dead . \"
\"So if you can determine the proportion of the remaining liquid in the battery, you can estimate the health and duration of the battery.
\"With the help of a student researcher, Dahn developedCalled lithium.
Differential thermal analyzer for ion batteries.
\"This is a big gulp,\" he said . \"
But this is actually a very simple way.
When the liquid electrolyte melts, the battery is frozen and heated slowly to detect.
The strength of the signal is related to the quantity of the remaining liquid and its composition.
Airlines choose fire
Explosion-proof bags with explosive phones on the plane why shouldn\'t you expect a long time
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