Graphene battery≠graphene + lithium battery

by:CTECHi     2021-07-27

In recent years, the concept of graphene batteries has been very popular. But in fact, the so-called 'graphene batteries' we see on the market are actually lithium batteries mixed with a little graphene.

In the battery field, the current dominant position is undoubtedly the lithium battery. If there is no lithium battery, the smart phone we use now cannot be invented. The anode material of lithium batteries is mainly graphite. And we know that graphene and graphite are inherently similar in structure. Graphene is much higher in performance than graphite, has extremely strong conductivity, and is very stable. It is known as the most promising new material in the future.

From the perspective of battery naming rules, the core energy storage mechanism of the battery is the key to the problem, and the so-called 'graphene' battery is just taking graphene as Like additives, they have not been applied to the positive and negative electrodes of the battery, and their performance has not changed drastically. Therefore, it is not appropriate to call it a graphene battery.

So, why is graphene battery so difficult?

In fact, the biggest difference between graphene and graphite is that graphene does not have a layered structure. Graphite can be used as a key material for batteries because graphite has a layered structure and can intercalate lithium ions, which is the main reason why lithium batteries have come out. If this problem is not solved, then graphene does not have the feasibility of becoming the negative electrode of the battery.

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