GM to Build Chevy Volt Battery Packs Near Detroit

by:CTECHi     2019-12-01
General Motors
A person familiar with the matter said Friday that the company will assemble battery packs for its new rechargeable electric vehicle at a factory in southern Detroit, creating about 100 jobs.
The new factory near Interstate 75, Brownstown town, about 15 miles south of Detroit, will use batteries made by South Korea\'s LG Chem and assemble them into packages to power the new Chevrolet Volt, the person, who declined to be named, said that GM had not officially announced the site selection of the plant.
Voltage, the reason for the exhibition hall in November 2010, will be built in the existing general factory located in the boundaries of Detroit and tiny enclave.
The plant is now making
Sales of Buick Lucerne and Cadillac DTSsize sedans.
GM says the car will be able to charge 40 miles through a home power outlet, after which it will generate electricity using a small gasoline engine.
GM will invest $43 million to assemble a battery pack on an existing building that will be flown to the United States, the person saidS. from Korea.
General Motors officials say the Detroit area is the most important
The runner of the battery pack factory because it has to be close to the Volt assembly plant.
The battery pack plant will be highly automated and will not hire a large number of employees, but it will be able to quickly weld the battery pack together, GM officials said.
However, even 100 jobs are good news for Michigan, which leads the country with 15 jobs.
The unemployment rate in June was 2%, the highest monthly record since the spring of 1983.
The average annual unemployment rate in Michigan is the highest since 2006.
LG Chemical CEO Peter Kim says the company may eventually build batteries in Michigan and expects its U. S.
Subsidiaries of Compact Power Inc.
Will increase its 100-
A man works near Troy.
Volt is expected to cost $35,000 to $40,000.
GM has tested the vehicles at its technology center in Warren, Michigan.
Detroit News reported Friday on the site of the new plant.
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