Global fires one after another, the end of the ternary lithium battery is approaching?

by:CTECHi     2021-08-17

Recently, due to the potential battery fire hazard, Hyundai Motor recently announced the second large-scale recycling plan for its KONA electric vehicles. This recycling involves all KONA electric vehicles sold in Korea, which is expected to reach about 33,000. Completely replace its LG Chem power battery.

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One stone stirs up a thousand waves to torture the safety of ternary power lithium batteries

It is definitely the first time in the industry that tens of thousands of batteries are recycled at a time. The cost of the battery accounts for about 30% of the entire vehicle. The cost of this recovery is as high as 5.8 billion yuan, which shows the seriousness of the problem. So why LG, as the world's leading power battery supplier, has made such low-level mistakes in product quality? Has Hyundai Motor also not undergone scientific and rigorous quality verification?

Aberdeen’s foundation is not strong enough to make up for it.

In life, we are faced with various trade-offs. The same is true for selection.

Power batteries face a variety of technical routes. Among them, the ternary lithium battery has high energy density, poor safety, and obvious advantages and disadvantages. In order to pursue a higher cruising range, enhance products Competitiveness, various car companies have started the endurance competition, and the ternary lithium battery is naturally more favored. The ternary battery is prone to thermal runaway due to its material characteristics. Subsequent 'buildings' built on the basis of a weak foundation. Although certain safety remedial measures have been taken, they are only remedies and cannot eliminate hidden dangers. This is why the equipment The root cause of ternary lithium battery electric vehicle accidents. It is foreseeable that with the accumulation of unsafe factors in use and the increase in the number of power batteries in use, more and more power battery accidents will occur, and it is not ruled out that the possibility of causing serious loss of life and property accidents will not be ruled out.

Therefore, in the face of materials and safety features that are difficult to 'support' ternary lithium batteries, LG Chem and Hyundai Motors are really limited in what they can do. I am afraid that the follow-up work will only be in vain.

Everything seems to have reached a critical point, and everyone has to return to the crossroads.

Domestic recycling will inevitably return to the right path of safety.

As we all know, most of the new energy vehicles sold in China have to pursue For battery life figures, most of them use high-nickel ternary lithium batteries with higher energy density but higher safety risks. Recently, ternary lithium battery accidents have occurred frequently, and the safety problems exposed have become more and more serious. The farce between car manufacturers and power battery suppliers has occurred from time to time, indicating that the large-scale recycling of domestic ternary lithium battery electric vehicles may not be far away. Where will these depots with heavy path dependence go?

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Safety-oriented is the guarantee for the sustainable development of the power battery industry. For example, the technical route adopted by the domestic power battery manufacturer BYD is to creatively develop a blade battery architecture based on the safer lithium iron phosphate route, which not only complements the shortcomings of the low volume energy density of iron-lithium batteries, but also allows this The 'safety longboard' of the material itself is even more prominent. Its first Han brand equipped with a blade battery focuses on safety. Its sales have exceeded 10,000 for several months, and even broke the 200,000-plus medium and large C-class sedan that foreign brands dominate in one fell swoop. The monopoly situation shows strong and sustainable product competitiveness.

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Safety-oriented, respecting life, and providing consumers with safe products, this is The original intention of developing new energy vehicles is also the right path for industrial development

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