getting started with a solar powered generator

by:CTECHi     2020-09-10
In general, there are two reasons why you want to build your own solar generator: you want a reliable backup energy, or you want to use it every day and live away from the grid.For whatever reason, building your own solar generator will definitely make you respect those who handle solar energy on a daily basis and make you wonder why you have never done it before.This article will outline what is needed to build your own solar generator, starting with the materials needed to invest in building the generator.
The first article you need is a small solar panel.You can buy a small diy kit or build one from scratch with solar cells, metal wiring and welding.You want to have at least a 12 v rated panel, but 16 V is better.
Follow the solar panel and you want to get a 12 volt battery with a deep cycle.The battery can be gel-type or lead/acid-type as you will be using it constantly, so deep circulation is required.Then you want to invest in a DC input.This looks like a lighter socket in your car and works the same way.
If you have any appliances that can be plugged into a car lighter, then you can use them with a solar generator.You also need a 12 v dc meter to use with this generator.At this point, you can power on any appliance plugged into a car outlet in order to run the AC appliance you want to invest in the inverter.
Connect the meter and DC inlet to the top of the battery box with a drill bit.Connect the negative pole of the battery to the meter, and then connect the positive pole.Don\'t handle multiple wires at a time.Do the same for DC inlet.To connect your solar panels, run the wires from the negative and positive poles in the same way as your meter.
Then put the battery in the box and cover it.The next step is to put your solar panels in the sun!After the system is charged, you can use it.If you want a system that can generate more energy, then you can add more batteries, panels and inverters to it.
If you are going to make a larger system then you may want to add a voltmeter.You can also connect a circuit breaker between the positive battery terminal and the volt meter.Before connecting many solar generator systems, it is recommended that you have a good understanding of power.
You always want to consult with local municipalities about safety regulations for renewable energy alternatives.If you find it simple to build your own solar generator, then you may want to build your own solar panel next
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