Four trends in intelligent logistics systems for power lithium batteries

by:CTECHi     2021-09-13
With full orders and huge market expectations, power lithium batteries have started to accelerate production expansion. The requirements for flexibility, digitization, and intelligence of the newly-built production line continue to increase. The pressure for the intelligent upgrading of power lithium battery manufacturing comes from the extremely high quality consistency requirements of the manufacturing process of power lithium batteries; complex process routes; interaction, compatibility, and coordination between a large number of automated equipment; control of the process High-precision requirements; intelligent processing of large amounts of data; rapid response to customer needs. Gaogong Li Battery understands that in the current production process of power lithium battery, the degree of automation and intelligence of stand-alone equipment has been greatly improved, and the high-precision and efficient connection and coordination between equipment still has a large room for improvement. The problems faced by the mid-end intelligent logistics system before the power lithium-ion battery production line are still focused on the optimization design of the route method, the improvement of the AGV positioning accuracy, the coordination with the process equipment, the stability of the scheduling system, and the accuracy of data collection Sexually. The biggest benefit of the solution of the intelligent production logistics system is to use the combination of high-precision AGV and the roll-assisted handling system to reduce the risk of manual contact, improve production efficiency, and improve the automation and intelligence of the lithium-ion battery production process. At present, the AGV used in the front and middle of the power lithium battery includes forklift AGV, cantilever AGV, roller AGV, loading and unloading AGV, system assembly AGV, submerged traction AGV, jacking storage AGV and many other types. From the trend point of view, the solutions of the intelligent production logistics system are showing the following characteristics. Specifically: Trend 1: AGV positioning accuracy is further improved. As for the battery production line, the pre-process coating, rolling, and automatic loading and unloading of the slitting machine The biggest difficulty lies in the high docking accuracy requirements: walking guidance accuracy ±10mm, stop positioning accuracy ±2mm, lifting docking accuracy ±1mm, so the high-precision automatic docking operation of AGV is very important. Judging from the current trend, the accuracy requirements of power lithium battery manufacturers for AGVs are still being further improved. How to complete the precise docking, realize the intelligent connection and automatic loading and unloading of the coating roll pressing and slitting process; and it is a test for the problem that the large-volume pole piece is too heavy (about 1 ton per time) and the tracked navigation is easy to crush the magnetic strip. Ru0026D and design capabilities of intelligent production logistics system suppliers and AGV suppliers. Trend 2: Laser SLAM navigation high-precision AGVs will replace traditional AGVs based on power lithium batteries to manufacture process links that require higher flexibility and collaboration. AGVs using SLAM navigation will accelerate the replacement of traditional AGVs. SLAM navigation AGV (also known as AMR), realizes automatic movement of materials through sensors and processors without physical guides or markers, can make its own reasonable response to various dynamic changes in the environment, and is more suitable for flexible production to meet lithium ion Discrete battery production characteristics and precise docking requirements for racks. The introduction of high-precision AGV for laser SLAM navigation can further solve the application problems of high frequency of extremely roll conveying, precise docking of material racks, complex workshop space, and mixed flow of people and vehicles. Trend 3: AGV customization and route optimization. In view of the differences in the production lines of different power lithium battery companies, it is necessary to make customized AGVs according to the battery production conditions. At the same time, the AGV of the battery production line will not run in a circular route, and must travel through the new energy workshop that is not too wide. Develop in-depth customized services, provide customized AGV forms, and integrate multiple AGVs into an AGV operation map based on the trajectory of multiple AGVs, to achieve the shortest path design between points, and it will also become a smart production logistics system supplier. Competition test. Trend 4: Further Cost Reduction From the feedback of equipment manufacturers, in the case of material cost reduction and limited BOM cost reduction of power lithium batteries, power lithium battery companies are required to further reduce costs in the new round of large-scale production expansion. In this context, on March 20, 2021, the 'Lithium-ion Battery Intelligent Manufacturing Leap' 2021 Lithium-ion Battery Intelligent Manufacturing Summit hosted by Gaogong Lithium Battery, Gaogong Robot and Gaogong Consulting will be held in Shenzhen, and the conference will be established. Production line manufacturing, warehousing and logistics, and digital smart factory three special sessions, specially invited 100+ related companies such as lithium-ion batteries, smart equipment, manufacturing production lines, warehousing and logistics, etc. to participate. In the smart logistics session, the core topics will focus on Lithium battery warehousing is intelligent, the smart logistics system that connects the past and the future is used in the intelligent manufacturing of lithium batteries, where is the core competitiveness of lithium battery logistics competition, and the creation of a fully automatic logistics line for lithium-ion batteries, etc.
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