FLXT new sensor prevents thermal runaway of battery

by:CTECHi     2021-09-19
Flexpoint Sensor Systems (hereinafter referred to as FLXT) has filed a provisional patent for its new Swell sensor, which aims to detect and prevent thermal runaway of lithium-ion batteries during charging and discharging, thereby preventing the battery from catching fire and exploding. Flexpoint Sensor Systems (FLXT) is an innovative technology company that specializes in the development of products with company patent BendSensoru0026reg; and related technologies. BendSensoru0026reg; is a breakthrough sensing solution, which is bringing revolutionary changes to applications in the automotive, security, medical and industrial industries. BendSensoru0026reg; single-layer film structure reduces cost and mechanical volume, and at the same time introduces a variety of functions and style design possibilities unprecedented in sensing technology. As a leading supplier of thin film sensing technology, Flexpoint is committed to providing the most innovative and cost-effective solutions for companies around the world. When the battery is overheated or overcharged, a flammable electrolyte mixture may appear inside the battery, causing the battery to swell. The Flexpoint sensor solves the problem of the swelling effect of the battery because the battery is designed to include fire protection measures. 'We believe that the Flexpoint sensor is the only sensor on the market that can accurately measure the swelling of these types of batteries,' said Clark Mower, CEO of Flexpoint. 'We are proud to be able to create a sensor that can save lives and property while protecting the brands of millions of companies that use lithium-ion batteries to power their devices.' As the public becomes more and more dependent on rechargeable batteries Of portable devices, Flexpoint believes that this low-cost and reliable solution can handle the worst problems, save lives and prevent people from being injured.
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