flexible battery market to reach $958.4 million by 2022, at a cagr of 46.6% - exclusive report by marketsandmarkets™

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The flexible battery market will reach $958.
From 4 million to 2022, the compound growth rate was 46. 6% -
Exclusive coverage of MarketsandMarkets™Chicago, November 26, 2018 Chicago, November 26, 2018/PRNewswire /--
According to the new market research report \"flexible battery market by type (Thin-Film (Lithium-
Lithium ion polymer)
Printed, curved), Billable (
Rechargeable, singleUse), Application (
Wearable devices, consumer electronics, medical devices, smart cards, packaging)-
Global Forecast by 2022 released by MarketsandMarkets™Worth $69.
In 2015, it was $6 million, an estimated value of $958.
From 4 million to 2022, the compound growth rate was 46.
Between 6% and 2022. (Logo: )
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The film battery market will take the largest share and grow at a high speed by 2022
It is expected that the film battery will dominate the global flexible battery market from 2016 to 2022. Thin-
Thin film batteries are widely used in smart packaging, smart cards, wearable devices and medical devices.
The trend of product size used in these applications increases the demand for thin films
Film battery, thus promoting the development of film battery.
The film battery market is significant. Thin-
Low self-properties of thin film batteries
The discharge rate and cost are lower compared to lithium polymer batteries.
Therefore, they have a huge demand for electronic equipment, thus driving the growth of thin film electronic equipment.
Flexible film Battery Market
The Asia-Pacific region is expected to grow at the highest speed between 2016 and 2022, and the Asia-Pacific region is expected to be the fastest --
During the forecast period, the market for flexible batteries continued to grow.
Major consumer electronics manufacturers in the region are innovating their product designs to operate on thin power supplies to be compatible with the flexible design of their products.
Therefore, smart packaging, technological advances in the consumer electronics industry and the growing popularity of wearable devices in the region are the main factors driving the growth of the flexible battery market in the Asia-Pacific region.
Moreover, the penetration rate of the Internet of Things (IoT)
In terms of the intelligence of medical devices and wireless devices, this will further drive the region\'s demand for thin and flexible batteries. Samsung SDI Co. , Ltd. (South Korea)
Italian semiconductor companyV. (Netherlands), LGChem Ltd. (South Korea)
Blue Star Fire Technology Co. , Ltd. (U. S. )
And enfosell auilde. (Finland)
Is some of the leading enterprises in the flexible battery market.
The release and development, expansion, contracts, agreements, acquisitions and partnerships of new products are key strategies for key players to gain competitive advantage in the market. Browse in-
Depth TOC 64-\"flexible battery market-Tables 47 -Figures 150 -
Samsung SDI Limited, Ltd. (South Korea)
Engaged in the manufacture and sale of batteries worldwide.
Samsung SDI offers flexible and curved batteries for wearable devices and electronics.
The curved battery is mainly used to power the smart watch and strap, while the softest battery can roll and bend without affecting its function.
The company carries out intensive research and development activities to improve the performance of existing materials and develop new and innovative materials and the efficiency of secondary batteries.
The launch of these batteries has attracted new customers and expanded the customer base.
In 2015, the company launched a roll-Flex band battery for wearable devices to expand its battery portfolio.
Other players who require PDF @ to participate in flexible battery development include LGChem Co. , Ltd. (South Korea)
Rocket Electricltd (South Korea)
Blue Star Technology Co. , Ltd. (U. S. )
Enfusel Petroleum Co. , Ltd. (Finland)
Fullriver battery New Technology Co. , Ltd. , Ltd. (China)
Paper Battery CompanyInc. (U. S. )
, Brighton Volt, Inc. (U. S. )
, Ultralife company (U. S. )
Panasonic Corporation (Japan)
And NECEnergy solutions (U. S. ), among others.
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Batteries, conductors, circuits, electrically active polymers, etc), Application (
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Trends and Forecasts by 2015
2023 flexible electronic and circuit markets in various application fields (
OLED and LCD display, print sensor, battery, thin-
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