[Favorite Stickers] 21 pictures detail the production process of cylindrical lithium batteries

by:CTECHi     2021-08-22

Lithium Grid News: Lithium batteries can be roughly divided into two categories: lithium metal batteries and lithium ion batteries. Lithium-ion batteries do not contain metallic lithium and are rechargeable.

The Tesla electric car we are familiar with is a battery panel composed of 18650 lithium-ion batteries in series and parallel. With the increasing popularity of new energy vehicles, the power battery industry has also become hot! Below we will interpret the 21 production processes of lithium batteries in the form of detailed diagrams:

The first step of anode homogenization

The second step of cathode homogenization

The third step of coating

The fourth step of rolling

The fifth step of cutting

The sixth step of baking

The seventh step Winding

The eighth step into the shell

The ninth step of spot welding

Tenth step baking

Eleventh step injection

Twelfth step welding cap< /p>

Thirteenth step cleaning

Fourteenth step dry storage

The fifteenth step is to detect the degree of alignment

the sixteenth step is the shell coding

the seventeenth step is

The assembled battery is given a certain current to excite the positive and negative active materials of the battery, and finally the electrochemical process that makes the battery have the ability to discharge is called formation. It can be used as a power source only after chemical conversion.

The eighteenth step OCV measurement

The nineteenth step storage at normal temperature

The twentieth step of dividing the capacity

During the manufacturing process, the actual capacity of the battery cannot be exactly the same due to technological reasons, and it has passed certain charge and discharge tests. , The process of classifying batteries by capacity is called capacity division.

The twenty-first step, the final process

How about? Is this process complicated?

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