faa safety warning around lithium batteries in checked …

by:CTECHi     2020-02-02
The FAA recommends that airlines analyze the risk of carrying lithium batteries.
Source: Federal Aviation Administration of the United StatesFAA)
Warning airlines that lithium batteries transported as cargo are in danger of catastrophic fire or explosion.
If commercial passenger and cargo airlines are handling or carrying lithium batteries as cargo, they should conduct a safety risk assessment, the company said.
\"The FAA battery fire test emphasizes that damage caused by a lithium battery fire or explosion can lead to catastrophic aircraft losses,\" the agency said . \".
\"The current cargo fire fighting system is not able to effectively control the lithium battery fire.
\"Scientists have long known about the explosion of lithium-ion batteries, which are being used by more and more rechargeable consumer products, including mobile phones, power tools, Tesla cars and the latest rage, hoverboards.
They are also increasingly used in industrial machinery and equipment.
In 2013, Boeing\'s 787 global fleet of lithium-ion batteries on one plane caught fire and stopped flying for months after smoking on another.
A test conducted by the FAA at the Technical Center in Atlantic City, where a cargo container is filled with 5,000 rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.
Image: AP/FAA
Source: appasoft Airlines has been banned from carrying lithium-ion batteries as cargo due to fire risk, and some passenger airlines have decided not to carry lithium-ion batteries as cargo, the FAA said.
The agency said the risk assessment proposal was for airlines that still carry lithium-ion batteries and helped other airlines avoid inadvertently carrying lithium-ion batteries.
At the same time, the International Association of aviation line pilots said that the United States needs to classify lithium-ion batteries as \"hazardous materials\" to ensure that more safety precautions are taken during transportation.
A study by the team pointed out that two catastrophic fires occurred on the aircraft, one in 2006 and the other in 2010, which appeared to be related to a large number of lithium batteries.
The organization said on its website that according to current regulations, \"thousands of batteries can still be transported without the crew knowing the potential risks . \".
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