Explore business opportunities in the recycling and utilization of power lithium batteries

by:CTECHi     2021-08-07

Starting from 2010, the growth of the new energy automobile industry has been like a broken bamboo, which has brought innovative changes to the development of China's automobile industry. At the same time, affected by the service life (5 to 8 years), the power lithium battery of electric vehicles will usher in the second wave of retirement in the past two years. Relevant data show that by 2020, the scrap recycling of power lithium batteries will usher in a period of linear growth, and the rapid increase in the next few years; with the rapid development of the new energy automobile industry, the amount of scrap lithium batteries in my country will be Up to 32.2Gwh, about 500,000 tons; by 2023, the scrap volume will reach 101Gwh, about 1.16 million tons. Of course, the economics of lithium battery recycling should not be underestimated. By 2023, the market value of recyclable valuable metals can reach: 7.3 billion yuan for cobalt, 8.4 billion yuan for nickel, 14.6 billion yuan for lithium, and 850 million yuan for manganese. Looking at this vain silver, everyone wants to get a share... The problem has also emerged: the system is not perfect, safety and environmental protection have become a dangerous problem; 1. The technical standards of each battery company are not unified, and they are being reused. Previously, the detection was more difficult, which increased the risk of reuse; 2. Domestic power lithium battery recycling technology has not yet formed corresponding specifications, and the recycling cost is relatively high; 3. The most worrying thing is that some unqualified enterprises After the waste batteries are recycled, the waste batteries are arbitrarily disposed of by methods that do not meet the requirements, causing immeasurable environmental pollution. In China, the large-scale use of lead-acid batteries and the disorderly state of current market recycling have caused crimes driven by profits abound. With regard to the recycling and benefits of power lithium batteries in the future, we are even more looking forward to the country’s ability to introduce sound policies and plans, which can only be solved by using the wisdom of major power machinery.

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