exclusive - u.s. seeks to challenge china\'s electric-vehicle supply chain dominance

by:CTECHi     2020-02-20
WASHINGTON (Reuters)-A U. S.
Senators plan to introduce legislation on Thursday to streamline regulatory and licensing requirements for lithium, graphite and other power mines
As part of a plan to offset China\'s dominance in the sector, the automotive supply chain minerals.
Tesla, Volkswagen and other electric vehicles
Focused automakers and battery makers are expanding in the United States, relying on mineral imports without vigorously developing more domestic mining and processing facilities. U. S.
The chairman of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, Alaska Republican Senator Lisa moorkowski, told Reuters that she would introduce the mineral Safety Act with West Virginia Democratic Senator Joe Manchin.
\"Our challenge is still to fail to understand our vulnerability as a nation in relying on others to mine our minerals,\" Murkowski said . \".
China has dominated the electricity market.
Automotive supply chain.
It produces nearly twice as much.
The world\'s third largest lithiumion batteries -
By contrast, 5% of the United States
According to data from Benchmark Mineral Intelligence, the company tracked the prices of lithium and other commodities and held a Washington event on Thursday to bring miners together, regulators and lawmakers
More than 100 people attended the meeting, and speakers from Tesla, USA attended the meeting. S.
Department of State and Department of Energy, as well as standard Lithium Limited, ioneer Limited and other companies dedicated to the development of the United StatesS. lithium mines.
\"This country should not be transported from oil that depends on the Middle East, nor should it rely on China in terms of electric cars and batteries,\" said Robbie Diamond, who obtained future energy from the United States, non-partisan advocacy groups for renewable energy.
The United States is not the only country to play catch-up games. up with China.
Earlier this week, France and Germany asked the European Commission to support 1. 7 billion-euro ($1. 9 billion)
Stop the growth of Asian competitors in the field.
\"From a national security perspective, when you\'re as vulnerable as the US, many of our friends and allies are on the resources you need, and that\'s a weakness,\" Murkoski said.
\"We do not want this weakness to be exposed.
Murkowksi said China is ahead in the supply of electric vehicles
In the current US market, chain companies give the country an advantage. S. -
China trade dispute
\"My biggest challenge right now is to educate the rest of Congress, why this needs to be a national priority,\" she said . \". U. S.
Miners said they appreciated Murkowski\'s push for the federal government to pay more attention to the issue of electric vehicles, especially China\'s dominance.
\"We need to keep the US focused on the fact that China is far ahead of us in the electric car race,\" said Tim McKenna of Piedmont Lithium Co. , Ltd . \" The company is developing lithium projects in North Carolina.
As far as Tesla is concerned, it highlighted concerns about access to certain raw materials at its event on Thursday.
One of the company officials responsible for purchasing lithium and other electric vehicle Minerals said Tesla was concerned about the supply of nickel, copper and other electric vehicles
Automotive battery minerals
The Trump administration sent a State Department official to speak at the event on Thursday.
\"We think it is important for us to talk about these new technologies and how minerals can play a role in them,\" said Chief Assistant Secretary of State Kent logosden.
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