Enjie's subsidiary plans to invest 1.1 billion yuan in the construction of a lithium battery wet diaphragm project

by:CTECHi     2021-08-07

On March 13, Enjie issued an announcement that the company intends to invest in Zhuhai Enjie New Material Technology Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shanghai Enjie New Material Technology Co., Ltd., in Zhuhai Gaolan Port Economic Zone In the second phase of the lithium battery diaphragm project, the project plans to construct 4 fully automatic imported film production lines. The total investment of the project is 1.1 billion yuan. The project funds are solved through self-owned funds and self-raised funds. The main focus is on the development of wet base film for lithium batteries. Manufacturing, sales, etc. The first phase of the lithium battery separator project of Zhuhai Enjie (12 base film production lines with a production capacity of 1 billion square meters and 40 coating film production lines with a production capacity of 800 million square meters) has been put into production in 2018. The proposed investment project is The second phase of Zhuhai Enjie's lithium battery separator project. The rapid development of the new energy automobile industry drives the continuous growth of lithium battery separator membranes. At present, the supply of mid-to-high-end lithium battery separator products exceeds demand. In order to further expand the company's wet-process lithium battery separator production capacity, it can better meet the mid- to high-end market of lithium ion battery separators The demand for the company’s products further enhances the company’s overall strength. The announcement stated that the investment is in line with national policies and the company's strategic development plan. If the project can be implemented smoothly, it will help further expand the company's market share in the lithium battery separator industry and consolidate the company's industry position.

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