Emergency D Battery From 4 AA\'s

by:CTECHi     2019-12-18
If you need to put a square hook into a circular hole in a short period of time, then this description is for you!
Over the weekend, I came with my parents and the midnight hour was coming soon and we needed to blow up the old air mattress and go to bed.
But, look, a D battery inside the electric pump leaks, the inside of the pump is sprayed with battery acid everywhere, and (of course)
We don\'t have D batteries!
What to do, what to do. . . .
Because of the alkaline battery, regardless of its size (e. e.
G, AAA, AA, C, D)
All have the same voltage (1. 5 V)
I realized I needed to do an AA (
Or a few AA\'s)
I have installed many batteries in the pump to replace the faulty D battery.
From an electrical point of view, AA can do this because it has the same voltage as the D battery.
However, it is easier to synthesize 4 AA battery packs into one battery to simulate the size of the D battery and effectively replace it.
This also gives more energy to DIY Batteries (i. e.
Long running time)
And it is possible to reduce the pressure per AA by extracting current from all four AA at the same time.
Please continue to read the detailed construction skills! (
It\'s really easy. )
This structure creates a simple it-will-do solution.
If you want a more permanent solution, check out these instructions: AA to D unit adapter 1, AA to D unit adapter 2, and simple conversion: AA to C or any other
It is also important to note that this arrangement (i. e.
, Parallel battery)
If the battery is discharged from each other, the battery may be damaged;
However, this problem can be partially alleviated by using all batteries with the same charging level (e. g. Full of electricity)
Or use diodes and small resistors in series with the battery.
The material for this structure should be right around your house.
Nothing special.
The tools I use include the following!
After cleaning the battery contacts in the pump with q-
Tips and alcohol (or water)
I started doing my emergency battery to get everything dry.
This emergency battery is based on the concept of a parallel voltage source.
Check out a lot of great information on this topic here!
Test if the emergency D battery in your device is appropriate.
My one is too short to have electrical contact with the battery contacts of my pump.
So, I made one together.
Change the extender by balling some aluminum foil to fill the blank.
I made it a little too big so that when I put the lid on it would break a little bit. Voila!
You saved a day. (
It actually took a bit of time to make sure the electrical contact was made, but the third time was charm!
When I told this hero story at the party, I ignored this little detail. )
Enjoy and be happy with bodging!
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