Electric vehicle price increase arrow has been wound, many electric motor manufacturers issued price adjustment notices

by:CTECHi     2021-09-22
On May 23, a number of motor manufacturers issued price adjustment notices. Due to the sharp increase in the price of rare earths, the cost of magnetic steel raw materials has risen sharply, resulting in a price increase of 10-30 yuan per motor. These motor plants come from Tianjin, Taizhou and Wuxi. According to electric vehicle observers, there has been a substantial price increase in rare earths recently. Rare earths are cherished not only because they are scarce, non-renewable, difficult to separate and purify, and processing, but also because they are widely used in agriculture, industry, military and other industries. They are an important support for new material manufacturing and the key to the development of cutting-edge defense technology. Sexual resources are known as the 'universal land'. In the Moments of Friends, there are also people from dealers and manufacturers who have sent a message that the price of electric vehicles will increase tomorrow. Due to the fierce increase in motors, there is no way to control it. Originally, after the new national standard, the price of electric vehicles should be increased due to various expenses. However, due to the wait and see of consumers and the sluggish market, many brands would rather squeeze their profits without increasing prices. However, the price hikes caused by motors are coming so fiercely, it is estimated that manufacturers will not be able to withstand it. Electric vehicle observers believe that, driven by the price increase of electric motors, the price increase of electric vehicles is already a matter of course.
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