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Electric meter high capacity primary battery ER14250

Electric meter high capacity primary battery ER14250

Electric meter high capacity primary battery ER14250
  • Electric meter high capacity primary battery ER14250

Electric meter high capacity primary battery ER14250

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Product Details
The ER14250 battery is one of the ER series batteries. This type of battery has a very low self-discharge rate and good storage, and can even be stored for 10 years at room temperature. At the same time, this type of battery has a very high energy ratio and has a long service life. It is a lithium battery with superior performance.
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  • ER14250 lithium Battery positive
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  • ER14250 lithium battery Capacity vs Current details
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Application Scope
The ER14250 column lithium battery is one of the ER series batteries. The battery measures 14.5 * 25mm and has a high voltage (3.6V). At the same time, these batteries have a wide range of operating temperatures. It works well at high temperatures and low temperatures and can be used for wireless beacons, handheld GPS systems, lighthouses, floats and a variety of electronic instruments.
  • ER14250 lithium battery can be used in burglar alarm
  • ER14250 lithium battery can be used in electric meter
  • ER14250 lithium battery can be used in video camera
Product Comparison
Battery has the following advantages: well-chosen materials, reasonable design, stable performance, excellent quality, and affordable price. Such a product is up to the market demand.CTECHi Group's Battery has better performances in the following aspects.
Company Advantages
1. CTECHi become more famous mainly for its independent designs.
2. The product complies with stringent quality requirements.
3. CTECHi Technology Co. Ltd has a wide range of influence in the country.

Company Features
1. CTECHi Technology Co. Ltd is equipped with professional technologists and designers to develop high-end er battery .
2. Excellent overall performance of small lithium ion battery keeps it the best operation situation for the long term.
3. We serve each of our customers in a unique way, using our best efforts to develop processes that guarantee the excellence and high quality of all of our products and services. We are devoted to exploring and developing new worldwide opportunities. We are committed to run business in a healthy and safe way. We conduct the corporation's activities centering on the clients, employees, and communities so as to ensure our sustainable development. We have launched our strategy for sustainable growth, setting out our determination to build a sustainable business for the long term. Get more info!
Polinovel lithium ion home energy storage 48v 200ah lifepo4 solar battery 10kwh power


Rated voltage48V
Rated capacity200Ah
Max charge voltage54.75V
Cut-off voltage37.5V
Charge current40A
Continuous discharge current100A
Peak discharge current200A



Clients & Polinovel


Polinovel lithium battery life cycle   --- 1C charge and discharge



The test results show that,  Polinovel lithium battery 100% DOD,  the life cycle >2000 times,  with only DOD50%, the life cycle can reach 6000 times. Compare with the Polinovel lithium battery life cycle , lead acid battery just to 400-500 cycles . Cycle life is greatly affected by higher levels of discharge in lead acid, versus only slightly affected in Polinovel lithium-ion batteries.


Better Conformity, Longer Life Cycle @POLINOVEL LITHIUM BATTERY

Conformity of 220pc battery cells connected in series   --- 1C charge and discharge



Temperature Effects on Polinovel lithium battery

Most of our customers concerns about the working temperature of our batteries,

sometimes, even we know that the common working temperature of different chemistry lithium batteries, they still hope to confirm with the supplier before place an order.Below testing results is about the discharge capacity of 12V 100Ah Polinovel Lithium battery pack under different temperature.


@1C discharge, our battery remains,

   75% discharge @working temperature -10℃

   90% discharge @working temperature 0℃

   98% discharge @working temperture 20℃

   99% discharge @working temperature 40℃


Over-temperature Protection


With over temperature protection, BMS will cut off discharge or charge when battery temperature meet 65℃.


Custom Solutions according to working enviroment 


Hot Environment

Design better heat dissipation structure,

Add cooling devices if necessary,

... ...

Cold Environment

Precharge circuit to heat up battery,

Choose special low temperature cells,

... ...


Polinovel lithium battery waterproof testing 

Polinovel high technology lithium batteries are also widely used for marine applications, like the Yachts, Fishing Boats, Sailing boats, Kayak, Catamaran, etc.   Most manufacturers, business, user are concerned about the case of the battery can be waterproof or not. 

The test results show that, Polinovel lithium batteries are excellent safety for waterproof.

Regarding to Polinovel the 12V lifepo4 batteries' IP :HD series: IP65N and Novel series: IP66.If you want a higher waterproof IP level, we are very pleasure to provide you. Please let me know what's your requirement.


Analog Car Vibration Test

To ensure the safety of our lithium batteries, we not only had many electric tests, but also had a series of environment tests, including the Analog Car Vibration Test below.


"WE CARE EVERY DETAIL"  --- Polinovel

The quality of products is often reflected in some small details. In order to highlight the quality of the product, we must pay attention to the details of the product and pay attention to details, which is one of the secrets of product quality.


For more details of each series batteries,  please check on our website or contact our sales.



Polinovel provide both battery cells and battery packs, with the most advance production technology and the highest quality components, to make our lithium batteries unlike others in the market.Polinovel strictly follow the high-standard production and testing processes, to guarantee lithium batteries are qualified and safe for use in different applications.


Production & Delivery

We understand customer's concern on lead time, and we always do our best to shorten our production time without sacrificing quality.


Lithium Battery OEM & ODM

In lithium battery industry, different customers may have different requirements on their batteries, because of their different applications. Besides, most customers would prefer to have the batteries with their own brand.


Q & A:
Q1.: Does Polinovel support door to door shipping? drop ship ?
A1.: Yes. If battery unit weight is below 30kg, we delivery it via Air Express. If battery unit weight is above 30kg, we delivery it via sea . If you want to us to help you to make custom clearance, we would like to do that. We support drop ship.


Q2.: Can we do series and parallel connection by ourselves (12 volt battery)?
A2.: Yes. But, we should pay attention to below tips:
a.: Connect the same spec. battery pack. Please don't mix them.
b.: The voltage difference of the connection batteries should be 50mV below.
c.: Support 4 series OR 4 parallel connection. Please don't do series and parallel connection at the same time.
d. If we don't obey the tips, It may cause battery damaged or shorten the battery lifespan.


Q3.: How can I resell lithium batteries well in my market ?
A3.: Do market research, set your focus application field,learn more knowledge about lithium battery. build your own brand. We can work together with you to explode the market.
Q4.: Why Polinovel guys ask me so many questions? I just want to know the price !!
A4.: Sorry for annoying you. But the discharge current, voltage etc. Information is very important for us to produce the correct battery for you. If we produce the battery which can not achieve the real application discharge current, size etc. That will put both of us in a very embarrassing and lose-lose condition. We also have price list, but it is only for your reference. We should confirm the discharge current etc. Information before we produce your orders.
Q5.: Does Polinovel battery include BMS? Can we use it for vehicle?
A5.: Yes, our battery pack include BMS, you can use it for low speed vehicles.And make sure the discharge current can meet the application request (please refer to Q4) . If you want to use standard vehicle, please inform us, we need to adopt more complex design BMS and different technology solution.
Q6.: What is your warranty?
A6.: Our standard warranty is 2 years. Our battery lifespan can be used for at least 8 years for normal 1 cycle per day. We have a complete warranty policy documents, please feel free to contact us to get it.
Your inquiries and questions are welcome, we will reply you quickly !



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