electric cars hit milestone with first grand prix race ahead

by:CTECHi     2020-04-25
In order to enter the mainstream market, electric vehicles have occupied a corner in their driving.
Soon you can watch them race at high speed.
The FIA Formula Racing Championship is the world\'s first all-electric Grand Prix, launched this year.
Will pit single-seat electric-
Compete with each other in ten centers
City street classes from Beijing to Los Angeles and Miami, from Rio to Monte Carlo and Berlin. (
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The first public demonstration of the car that all ten teams will use, spark
Renault SRT_01E will be held on Monday at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas.
A former F1 driver, Brazilian driver Lucas de Grassi, will drive Formula E Racing, co-built by Spark Racing Technology with a consortium of leading car manufacturers, including Dalala, McClaren, Renault, Williams and Michelin. (
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The float of Formula E has risen sharply in recent weeks, announcing that film stars and electric car enthusiasts Leonardo DiCaprio will send a team (
Paired with French luxury electric vehicle manufacturer Wenchang)
Virgin Group by billionaire Richard Branson
Other competitors include traditional car fleets such as IndyCar and andti Autosport and Jay Penske\'s dragon racing vehicles, as well as teams that are fully focused on green technology, such as those in the UK.
\"The future of our planet depends on our ability to accept fuel --
Efficient, clean
Energy cars, \"DiCaprio said in a statement. (
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Hate the relationship with fuel. \")
But event organizers are also trying to highlight the advantages of electric vehicles other than low emissions and cheap fuel.
Tom Phillips, a F1 e-department spokesman, said the f1 e-series was designed to \"help electric cars become more sexy \".
Electric single-
Seaters is expected to reach the same speed and acceleration as the traditional car at a speed of 150 miles per hour (
240 per hour)
Streaking from the dead station to 60 miles per hour (97 km/h)in 2.
\"9 seconds, so you will have a lot of moves,\" Phillips said . \".
To increase the popularity and viability of the series: a radio agreement was signed with Fox Sports and Japanese Asahi Television, which is reported to be, boston Celtics boss Wyc Grousbeck and his partner invested $21 million in the series.
Advocates of electric vehicles say this is just the beginning.
They believe that with the continuous development and improvement of electric vehicle technology, the superior performance of the inherent more efficient electric vehicle may make the traditional internal combustion engine car run for their money.
Of course, in the near future, you won\'t see electric cars competing with internal combustion engines in NASCAR or f1.
The battery is light enough to fit into the car, just not ready enough fast enough or long enough to push the vehicle. (
\"Supercomputing power can pave the way for energy
Efficient engine. \")
In street classes, electric vehicles may perform more competitively during peak hours than traditional cars due to batteries
They enjoy the benefits of regenerative braking on winding tracks.
But the light enough battery is still not long enough to keep up with the internal combustion engine.
This will all be part of the sport in the upcoming Formula E competition.
Each team will use two identical electric vehicles per game.
In the process-
In the one-hour race, the drivers had to stop at two stops to change their cars.
If the driver manages the battery correctly, Phillips said, the two cars will continue to race, just as traditional f1 drivers manage tire wear during the race.
However, drivers who pit too late may run out of battery power to finish the race.
\"We hope this will help some exciting games and some interesting team strategies,\" Phillips said . \".
For the audience, the car
Switching may highlight one of the major shortcomings of the current limited range of electric vehicle technology.
But the pit stop is part of the race from NASCAR to f1, and many fans love the amazing display of their precise teamwork and speed.
Formula E will provide its own unique version a 100-meter (109-yard)
The driver rushed from car to pit of another car.
While battery advances are needed to improve the range of electric vehicles, whether on or off the track, today\'s electric vehicle technology can already provide amazing speed.
Experimental electric vehicles have reached a sustained speed of more than 180 miles per hour (290 km/h. )(
By contrast, in the fastest Grand Prix ever held in 2003, the winner completed the race at a rate of 153. 8 mph (247. 9 km/h). )
Students at Ohio State University
The man-made vehicle known as the Buckeye Bullet keeps the world record of electric Land vehicles below 308 miles/hour (496 km/h). (
Land speed record for wheels
The internal combustion engine is driving more than 439 miles per hour (706. 5 km/h). )
\"The performance aspect of electric driving has become very clear,\" said George rizoni, chief faculty advisor for the Ohio program, which is also supported by the Ventura.
\"Even in a typical hybrid, for example, you can think that the power on board can give you a good boost and make a car with a smaller gasoline engine feel more like a sports car.
\"His students are focusing on going further.
\"How do you push this technology to make smaller, more powerful power-driven systems? \" he asked.
\"Most importantly, how do you extract the maximum performance from lithium
We\'re using ion batteries. . .
Push them to the absolute limit?
\"Electric advantage design or technological advances bring great potential to electric racing cars like lithium
Electric car experts say it\'s an ion battery.
Consumers who use smartphones and tablets can benefit every day from the vast amount of research and development money spent in the past 20 years. But for high-
Performance electric vehicles, the return is power.
We\'re talking about a six. to-seven-
Multiple of the performance of the direct vehicle powertrain (
More than old lead acid batteries)
\"All of this is made of lithium batteries,\" said John Waters, the pioneer of electric vehicles leading the battery --
Packaging design of EV1 and electric S for General Motors
Hit 10 cars in the United StatesS.
The highway was short in late 1990.
\"From what we know about these elements, this is the beginning of the last frontier of energy storage.
Lithium is the lightest metal on the element map, just as it was applied to consumer electronics batteries in the 1980 s and 1990 s, and we are now applying it to vehicles. \" (
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Even the best modern batteries are not energy.
Burn fuel like gasoline.
But because of the inherent efficiency of the motor, electric vehicles can make up for this limitation.
Even at the beginning of more than a century, the internal combustion engine could not compare with it at all.
Only about 14% to 26% of the energy comes from the fuel in the internal combustion engine tank for driving the car on the road.
The remaining energy is mainly heat and waste gas.
\"The internal combustion engine is a bit like the torque and movement designed by Rube Goldberg, and we grew up in this situation and take it for granted,\" said Waters . \".
\"On Mars, the people who first designed the engine wouldn\'t say, \'Let\'s go and explode a bunch of carbon chains, let the Pistons move up and down, and then put a huge, heavy thing, called the crankshaft, then connected to a large flywheel, then connected to the transmission, and then connected to the gear that moves the drive shaft, etc, until eventually the wheels and tires finally turn and a car actually starts moving.
\"In contrast, electric motors are more efficient than 90% because they are simpler and lose less energy along the way.
\"You store the electrons in a box that is connected via a cable to a motor that doesn\'t require a differential, a complex transmission, or a crankshaft, but just a simple gearbox, Waters said.
On the contrary, the motor is connected to the controller, which acts as a throttle to adjust the total-
When the accelerator pedal is required, the available energy is sent to the engine at a given time.
In many electric vehicles, acceleration is fast because the torque depends on the electronic flow of the motor.
This is instantaneous, just as the blower motor rotates from off to full speed in an instant.
In electric vehicles, there is no clutch, multi-speed transmission, or variable power from the rotation axis of the internal combustion engine, which may vary depending on the rpm meter on the dashboard.
For all these reasons, Watters believes that electric cars have far more potential in performance than traditional racing cars.
\"It\'s not black magic, it\'s just a normal physical phenomenon,\" he said . \"
\"This is not a tree --
Embrace the conversation
In the car, it is purely for acceleration, or for us to run faster on the track. \" (
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Efficient Cars in ecologyMarathon. \")
Senior Design and Construction Engineer
Speed Racing electric cars are free to explore new ways to squeeze efficiency out of cars in a way that is no longer possible in traditional racing.
Electric vehicle performance automotive engineers design their own engines, reduce weight, improve vehicle aerodynamics, make their own parts, and usually pull out all stations in the name of faster.
Although traditional racing organizations used to have similar operations, most of them are now severely restricted.
Curbing the excessive driving of cars, endangering driver safety, promoting close competition, the organization from NASCAR to IndyCar implements strict rules and standards, homogenizes vehicles and hinders some innovations, these innovations drove drivers faster in the early days of the car.
For example, the IndyCar series achieved the fastest unofficial lap speed of 242 in 1997. 333 mph (389. 997 km/h)
But the security rules are now at a 220 pace.
Until the restriction was lifted in 2012, the series had only competed with one engine supplier for six years.
The team is still unable to make many internal modifications and design its own suspension and aerodynamics components.
Members of Ohio\'s seven-tongue bullet team believe in the process of customization.
The design and manufacture of the parts will enable them to one day challenge the land speed record of the internal combustion engine.
For example, they focus on re-manufacturing and improving components in electric vehicles called \"controllers\", which are made up of inverters, it changes or reverses the DC current in the battery to the AC current that supplies the motor.
\"This technology only exists for industrial purposes within the power range we need,\" explains Rizzoni . \".
\"These devices are like the size of the refrigerator, not what you can put in the car.
So, together with our industry partners, we are working to narrow down the product and packaging (AC)
Power package as small as possible.
\"As for the new E-level equation, it will serve as an Open champion, which means that each team can design their own car, under the looser general specifications specified by the FIA, seek the best way to achieve speed requirements (
The International Automobile Federation, which is approving the competition. )From (Brake)
Although the goal of all cars is to drive as fast as possible, they must also be able to slow down, especially on winding roads.
Course style racing.
Fortunately, in such a course, today\'s electrical technology has an advantage over the internal combustion engine.
In the past, f1 cars wasted too much kinetic braking to heat their carbon fiber discs. (
In 2009, the organization adopted a system to recover lost energy. )
Electric vehicles can use the motor itself to brake, which means that these energy units are not lost, but are converted into electrons and returned to the battery for later use.
This \"regenerative braking\" does not have much effect on a large oval track like the Indiana Motor Highway, where strong braking is rare and battery power cannot keep up at all
But on winding tracks with speeds of up to 200 mph and frequent braking, regenerative braking can make electric vehicles more energy-efficient and powerful. (
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\"I have done quite a bit of analysis and data on this issue,\" Waters said . \".
\"If you can recycle as much kinetic energy as you can, it also allows you to reduce the size of the brakes and [save]
Weight, compared with the internal combustion engine of road racing, electric vehicles have the same or potential advantages.
\"Performance electric vehicles from the track to the track are not limited to the track.
Tesla Model S is rated as the 2013 car Trend Car of the year, with a speed of 0 to 60 miles per hour, only 4 miles per hour.
Performance Battery 2 seconds when installing P85 85 KW.
This makes it one of the fastest-consuming sports cars in the market.
Model S is 130 miles per hour (209 km/h). (
The success of Tesla\'s car has made the electric car market dynamic. \")
Just as Tesla founder Elon Musk\'s innovation has spurred the entire electric vehicle industry, the goal of Formula E cars is to promote consumer-friendly progress through competitive stimulus.
\"If we can speed up the technology we use, it can filter to normal road cars like on any car from the track to the road, tom Phillips, spokesman for Formula E, said.
John Waters, who believes this will certainly happen, said that looking at the past could provide a roadmap for future cars. (
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\"Innovation is on the track, and that\'s how Indy started,\" he said . \"
\"There have always been rich people driving their cars and trying to push the envelope away.
People like Carl Fisher, James Alison, Arthur newbie and Frank Wheeler (
Founder of the Indiana highway)
And the people you see talking to electric cars now have the same blood line. \" (See related: \"The United StatesS.
Teenagers drive much less: 4 theories about why. \")
Innovators from Silicon Valley
Thoughtful Europeans tend to be housekeepers.
People with ideas are asking \"How can we change a dirty sport to promote more sustainable ideas and technologies\", but make sure it\'s still very interesting for racing enthusiasts? \' \" (
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