electric-car era threatens firefighters with new road risks

by:CTECHi     2020-01-10
Firefighters doused the burning Tesla company.
The X-type battery pack was then removed by the company engineer-
Before the vehicle was considered safe to drag off the California highway, its power battery had been shut down for 25 minutes.
This does not stop the powerful and highly flammable lithium.
Re-ignition of ion batteries.
According to a safety announcement from the Mountain View Fire Department, the car caught fire twice within 24 hours of the fatal crash on March 23 and again six days later.
Fires on electric vehicles rarely occur, but as automakers are prepared to dramatically increase production, the need for volatile chemical composition of their batteries and how to put them out raises new safety concerns
Technology to extinguish burning gasoline
Fuel cars could make it worse for battery-driven cars to catch fire.
\"We are in the unknown waters here,\" said Donald Sadoway, Professor of Materials Chemistry at MIT . \".
\"When you start putting in 70 KW --
An hour\'s bag is in the car, which is very different from what happened on the phone.
Lithium is becoming more and more popular
From personal electronics to bicycles, batteries that power everything are regularly damaged by fire outbreaks. Blazes in e-
Boeing, one of the world\'s most advanced jets, has cigarettes, laptops and even battery packs.
787, leading to government restrictions and frightening headlines. The U. S.
The National Traffic Safety Commission launched an investigation into Tesla\'s two recent fires and a fire earlier last year.
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which is responsible for setting vehicle safety standards, announced on Thursday that it will also collect information on the latest incident in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on May 8.
Swiss police are also investigating the deadly Tesla accident that triggered a fire last week.
Earlier: GM Volt caught fire after the accident and is said to prompt lithium-
The battery problem is not fresh.
NHTSA has also reviewed past battery fires, including a General Motors Company
On 2011, a few weeks after the agency conducted a collision test on the vehicle, Chevrolet Volt caught fire.
Other car manufacturers involved in the fire include former Fisk.
And Mitsubishi Motors.
Composition of lithium-
Ion-charged batteries make them naturally on fire. prone.
Unlike the need for Sparks before gasoline is ignited, the lithium battery contains its own ignition system: a large amount of energy is stored in a short circuit and converted into heat and sparks.
They also contain solvents, which are powerful fuels for fires, and also contain oxidized metals that can provide oxygen for fires, making the effort to put out fires more complicated.
Related reports: The security agency is investigating the deadly Tesla crash, the Florida Fire \"this is a long-term problem with lithium --
\"Ion batteries,\" said Prashant Kumta, professor of engineering at the University of Pittsburgh, who studied battery chemistry.
Kumta said that while the battery industry has made great progress in ensuring that the battery is operating safely during normal operation and charging, once the battery is torn in a fierce collision, there is little that can be done
In a phenomenon called Heat runaway
He said that the heat generated by the circulating battery is getting bigger and bigger, which creates a chain reaction and more heat in the adjacent battery.
\"It\'s basically like a fire cookie,\" he said . \".
\"You have a battery on fire, and then the next one is on fire, and soon they are all on fire.
\"There were 174,000 fires in all motor vehicles in the United States. S.
An explosion on 2015 killed 445 people, according to the most
Latest data from the National Fire Protection Association.
Tesla fires are relatively small compared to thousands of other car fires, which has caused complaints from car manufacturers.
Risk of gasoline-
Elon Musk, chairman of the company, said in a 2013 blog post that the electric vehicles on fire were more than four times higher than the Tesla Model S.
\"In your life, you are more likely to be hit by lightning than even experiencing a non-
\"There was a harmful fire in Tesla,\" Musk said . \".
The company did not respond to requests for comments on recent episodes.
In a 2011 press release released by the Chevrolet fire, NHTSA said it does not think electric cars are more likely to catch fire than other cars.
Earlier: after the fire, GM developed a way to deal with Volt batteries, which NHTSA conducted a series of tests on Volt battery packs.
According to the agency\'s report, two batteries caught fire in six simulations of various accidents.
The search for accident records at that time found no evidence of other fires.
However, there is very little government data on electricity accidents.
Car fires make it difficult to record the extent of the problem, said Jason Levine, executive director of the automotive safety advocacy group Center.
\"One of the few disturbing things about these fires is the real lack of useful, quantifiable data to help all the people involved,\" Levin said . \".
Not only is it difficult to compare electric vehicles with natural gas
Electric, it is also impossible to compare the possibility and severity of Teslas fire with the possibility and severity of other lithium burnsbattery-
Electric vehicles such as Chevrolet Bolt and Nissan. Ltd.
It\'s Leaf and BMW\'s i3, Levin said.
An uncontested fact is the intensity of fire occurring in large lithium
Ion battery pack.
On November, firefighters in Indiana responded.
2016, a Model S crashed when it hit a tree and a building at high speed, and when the battery exploded and shot into the air, it encountered something that looked like a fireworks show, according to the video taken by the news team.
Two people were killed in a car accident.
According to police, two teenagers were killed and a third injured in a Tesla crash in Fort Lauderdale because the car crashed into a concrete wall and caught fire.
The live video showed that the fire swallowed up Model S.
\"NTSB has a long history in the study of emerging transportation technologies such as lithium
NTSB Chairman Robert sumwater said in a statement announcing that the agency began its investigation.
When the Model X in the Mountain View hits one side of the concrete highway guardrail, the front of the car is cut off, damaging the battery pack under the floor.
Director Juan Diaz said about half of the cars were on fire when the staff arrived.
It will take about two minutes to put out the fire, he added.
Driver Huang Walter was killed.
The person in charge said Mountain View is located in Silicon Valley, where electric vehicles are common, and firefighters were trained in battery fire at the Tesla plant near Fremont in 2014.
Nevertheless, this case illustrates how the fire department needs more training on the unique problems caused by battery fires.
According to Diaz and on-site photos, firefighters used water mixed with chemicals that produced foam designed to put out gasoline fires.
However, foam is not recommended by the National Battery Fire Prevention Association.
The NFPA guidelines require the use of a large amount of ordinary water in battery fires, up to thousands of gallons.
Water helps cool the battery, which is the key to stopping the fire.
Firefighters worried about the battery\'s continued fever and the risk of electric shock, so they called Tesla engineers--
If the accident is not near the company\'s factory, it may not be possible.
They removed about 25% of the battery, Diaz said.
Diaz said firefighters accompanied the trailer that took the car to the salvage yard as the battery continued to pop up and hissing as the gas was discharged from the power pack.
Diaz said the trip was not reignited, but within the next 24 hours it went on fire twice and again six days later.
He said that before the battery is safe, the crew must discharge any charge remaining from the battery.
Scientists are working on promising lithium.
John Warner said that the ion battery formula will reduce the chances of a fire, and there may be ways to make the battery box more resistant to impact, a consultant who is the chairman of the International Union of advanced technology batteries of the trade group countries.
But Warner said firefighters and other emergency workers needed more education before that.
\"This is a relatively new technology that firefighters have dealt with in the past,\" he said . \".
\"I think some very good work has been done.
Did it reach every fire department in the United States?
I\'m not sure it has. ”—
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