Electric bicycles may become a new battlefield for lithium batteries. CATL, BYD, etc. have assembled

by:CTECHi     2021-09-05
Since the beginning of this year, several major battery manufacturers have begun to turn to new battlefields: In June, CATL teamed up with Haro Travel and Ant Financial to work together. It is expected that more than 500 battery replacement cabinets will be released for urban two-wheeled electric vehicle users; in the same period, Lishen Batteries and Xinri Electric Vehicles held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony to purchase more than 50 million lithium batteries for electric two-wheelers; in August, Guoxuan Hi-Tech and Didi Chuxing signed a strategic agreement to supply motorcycles operated by Didi Lithium battery packs; at the end of October, BYD’s independent battery brand Fordy Battery held the first batch of Didi Qingju battery offline ceremony in Shenzhen... Power battery giants have successively added more electric bicycles, which means that the 'new blue ocean' of lithium batteries has been Open up, who can come out on top in this battlefield, it is worth looking forward to! Since the implementation of the new national standard for electric bicycles or the 'new blue ocean' of lithium batteries, it has become a trend for electric bicycles to adopt lithium batteries and abandon lead acid. Compared with lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries have great advantages in terms of weight, energy density, cycle life, etc., and the purchase cost during the life cycle is also lower. In recent years, my country's express delivery industry, food delivery, and bicycle sharing industries have developed rapidly, and the demand for electric bicycles has become increasingly large. According to the China Bicycle Association, in recent years, the annual sales of electric bicycles in my country have exceeded 30 million, and the social ownership has approached 300 million, and the output of bicycles above 1,000 yuan has continued to grow. Under the trend of swapping lead-acid for lithium, the lithium battery industry is ushering in a 100-billion-level market. There is no doubt that electric bicycles may be the 'new blue ocean' of the lithium battery industry. Multi-industry enterprises enter the electric bicycle battery sector. Due to the huge potential of the electric bicycle market, many enterprises are eager to try this field and strive to seize the opportunity. Giants such as CATL, BYD, BAK Battery, and Yiwei Lithium Energy have already entered the electric vehicle market. According to the plan of BYD's Ford Battery, the product line of Ford Battery's 'two-wheeler' battery will grow at a rate of tens of times in the future, and a large number of 'two-wheeler' battery production lines will be launched in Qinghai. It is estimated that by 2025, its electric light vehicle battery production capacity will achieve an increase of 60GWh to 80GWh. And Yiwei Lithium Energy announced that it will transfer 900 million yuan of raised funds from the fund-raising project 'Jingmen Yiwei Energy Storage Power Lithium Ion Battery Project' to build a fully automated cylindrical ternary lithium-ion battery production line. The main application area is electric Tools and electric bicycle market. Guoxuan Hi-Tech and Didi Chuxing signed a strategic cooperation agreement. At present, it has supplied about 340,000 batteries to the motorcycles operated by Didi, and the annual supply is expected to exceed 600,000 sets. It is not difficult to see that some power battery manufacturers choose to directly transfer their technical routes in the field of electric vehicles to electric bicycles; while some manufacturers will increase production capacity layout in order to occupy a larger market. At present, the market for electric bicycles is quite different from the market for electric vehicles, and each has its own merits. When many battery companies enter this market together, encounters and collisions are inevitable. Competition and cooperation will become the norm. Only when there is competition, there will be growth, which will surely promote the rapid development of the electric bicycle market.
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