efficient thermal management of li-ion batteries with a passive interfacial thermal regulator based on a shape memory alloy

by:CTECHi     2020-04-22
Poor performance of lithium-
Ion batteries at extreme temperatures hinder their wide application in the energy sector.
A basic challenge of battery thermal management system (BTMSs)
The cold and hot environment puts forward the opposite requirements for battery cooling: heat transmission at high temperature and heat isolation at low temperature to maintain the heat generated inside the battery, an inevitable compromise that leads to hot or cold performances.
Here we demonstrate a thermal regulator that adjusts the thermal guide as a function of the temperature, as is expected by BTMS.
In the absence of any external logic control, the thermal regulator tripled the battery capacity at ambient temperature (Tambient)
Compared to the baseline BTMS that always conduct heat, it has a temperature of-20 °c, while also limiting the battery temperature to 5 °c in a very hot environment (
Tambient GmbH 45 ° C =)
Ensure safety.
The results expand the availability of lithium
Ion batteries in extreme environments have opened up new applications for thermal functional devices.
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