E-One Moli supplies batteries to power the future.

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E-Commerce was established in 1998
Moley energy
(Using the brand olollicel) is the leading lithium-ion (Li-
The battery manufacturer in Taiwan has become a medium
International players focused on nichemarkets. E-
In fact, one Moore is the second in the world-
Largest Supplier
Ion batteries for power tools and relatively mature battery electric vehicles (BEV) models such as BMW MiniE and Tesla.
The company is expected to complete its second plant in southern Taiwan in the second or third quarter of 20 years.
The new plant will have two advanced battery production lines with a capacity of 120 18650-
Cylindrical lithium manganese (Li-) type
Mn) cells per minute, which will improve the electron
The total capacity of the year is 12 million batteries.
Of the core competencies of battery manufacturers, production and high production (now about 96%) are only a small part.
In a recent exclusive interview with CENS reporter, E-
A Moli said confidently, \"E-
One Morley will continue to develop niche markets without blindly expanding capacity.
We are confident in our prospects because of the global demand for li
Ion batteries will continue to exceed supply for a long time to come.
\"The way to be a supplier of BMW Mini E and Teslaall --
Li said that electric vehicles were laid by his company to promote cooperation with the company.
Founded in 1992, AC Propulsion develops electric vehicle technology to provide engineering services and technical support to automotive and other customers around the world.
Quality, stability and advanced technology of electronic products
OneMoli\'s product is also a key factor in helping AC Propulsion beat its competitors in tests conducted by the international automaker\'s laboratory.
\"The global electric vehicle industry is starting to boom and companies around the world are gathering lab and road test data intensively to improve their electric vehicles,\" Lee commented . \".
\"We are pleased to have produced more than 1,000 Mini Es and are tested globally, they are not only on test tracks but also in labs.
This is important for us because it shows that our power batteries are being adopted by the world\'s leading electric vehicles and prove to be reliable enough.
This is a critical moment in the history of electric vehicles,
All the key players have to be well prepared and they have to stand firm now or they will be eliminated.
\"Electric vehicles are the inevitable development in energy conservation and emission reduction actions.
Another factor in its inevitability is the limited fossil fuel;
Maybe only 40 years of crude oil left, 80 years of natural gas and coal in 100.
\"We are part of the global movement ---
We are probably the most important part. -
Change our way of life because everyone wants to reduce the cost of living now.
Ion batteries can store more energy than lead
\"Acid batteries of the same size can be charged more times,\" Li noted . \".
\"But we should realize,
Acid batteries have exceeded 150, while Li-
Ion batteries have been commercialized for less than 20 years.
Life batteries have only been commercialized for about six years. \" Li-
The safety of Mn strategy has always been the primary problem of various batteries, especially for Li-
The current ion battery. \"E-
OneMoli chose to focus on Li-
\"Mn products, because we believe that although it is generally considered the safest type, there are still some problems with the life po 4 battery,\" Lee explained . \".
\"First of all, it will still take a long time to prove the safety and reliability of lithium-ion batteries because their commercialism is too close to reach any conclusion.
The second and key issue is that the owners of material patents have started asking for authorization fees too early, and the increased costs will curb the popularity of this relatively safe technology.
The third problem is that the lithium ion battery technology is safe due to lower chemical activity and density, so the battery pack is larger in size.
The fourth challenge for the manufacturer of the lithium iron phosphate battery is that many related patents are not recognized in China, which means that many competitors will appear in China.
\"Li is very confident in the R & D capabilities of his company, which is provided by a team of more than 60 most experienced professionals.
In 2000, as many know
A company that acquired molec Moli Energy.
The inventor of Lee --ion battery.
\"Li said that with the excellence of our R & D team, we can upgrade Li\'s safety
Fully meet the different needs of customers at reasonable cost.
\"Focusing on the cylindrical battery is E-
One of Moli\'s management teams is mainly focused on production 18650-
Cylindrical battery.
The world\'s largest international consumer
Battery companies associated with electronic brands supply Li-
Ion batteries that meet the required specifications--
Sanyo, Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, LG, etc.
Lee explained, \"so we decided to focus on the production of 18650 cells, because the cells can be connected in parallel or in series, so these cells are smaller in size and more flexible.
\"In addition, from the beginning, we positioned ourselves as amedia --
Large battery manufacturers targeting niche markets.
We know that it is risky for only a few customers to take up most of our capacity;
Therefore, over the past few years, we have been actively diversifying our customers, expanding our application market, and continuously expanding production capacity by investing in new production lines, in addition to increasing production and increasing the efficiency of existing production lines. \" E-
Lee insists that a Moli is relatively conservative in terms of capacity expansion, but the company strives to tap different markets through its higher product quality and innovation capabilities to achieve higher profit margins.
For example, the company supplies many high
Military and high battery
Technology application and with power-
Milwaukee, the world\'s first developing tool giant
Ion battery pack for electric tools. \"For a Li-
\"Manufacturer of ion batteries,\" said Li, \"every step should be very careful because Li-
Ionmaterials are very high and we have heard of many accidents with laptops, mobile phones and other devices and vehicles.
But we all know that this is a process of development, and so will China in the future.
Ion batteries are very promising. \" \"E-
A Moli has greatly improved the security and consistency of our Li-
Mn battery. \" Lee claims.
\"We have been working hard to develop new material formulations and production processes and to improve the level of automation of our equipment.
It\'s a hard job because even the top
The final equipment cannot guarantee 100% of the material.
Consistency of coating.
But this is our core competency and the main reason why many international EVmakers have chosen us to provide power batteries.
\"Share of different products in E-Commerce
A Moley\'s Wilderness Hunter pointed out the company\'s market positioning. Sales of EV-
About 11% using power cellsaccount-
12% of total revenue in 2009 (compared to only 2% by 2008), while power tool batteries contributed about 37% to 38% and IT products contributed about 20%.
The rest comes from military and medical training.
The power battery used in electric vehicles is not a simple cylindrical battery;
They are energy storage units facing many challenges such as high temperature, strong impact and current surge.
\"In fact, \'Lee commented, \'any formula for Lee
There is uncertainty and danger with ion batteries, which is why we have been hearing so many battery problems.
We have been trying to develop additives that can reduce chemical activity by working with different research organizations and universities including the domestic Institute of Industrial Technology (ITRI) to make our cells safer and more reliable
In addition, we are working with more System integration companies and solution providers around the world to diversify our niche markets.
Some people may wonder why E-
\"A Moli did not expand capacity as soon as possible to seize the business opportunities we could find,\" Li said . \".
\"One of the challenges we face is talent supply.
All in all, any company in high school
Technology enterprises need more talents and outstanding scientists to promote the progress of science and technology.
In the past, this issue has really worried us because most talented young people have been
The island\'s fast-growing technology industry.
But now the situation has become more favorable for us because people have begun to realize the importance of the energy industry.
Talent shortage has become a barrier to entry for newcomers interested in the industry
Ion battery business; but E-
A Moli has many technical patents that are either developed by our own R & D team or obtained from Moli.
A large part of our commitment in the future is based on our patented technology.
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