Driven by policies and the market, lithium battery technology is developing rapidly

by:CTECHi     2021-08-06

Driven by policies and the market, lithium battery technology is developing rapidly. In recent years, the lithium battery pack industry has huge development potential and rapid growth in demand. Driven by the two-wheeled drive of policies and the market, lithium battery technology will reach new heights.

1. The development trend of automobiles has become a consensus

The basis of the intelligent and unmanned driving of automobiles is electrification. At present, we are in a critical stage of electrification development. From my country's perspective, new energy vehicles have become my country's top ten key pillar industries and are supporting development. The proportion of new energy vehicle sales is growing rapidly. Since 2012, most of the data growth has come from electric passenger cars because of the development of electric logistics vehicles.

Another major field of new energy vehicles is passenger cars, which have accumulated momentum for rapid growth in recent years. New energy vehicles have very good rights of way, especially in the areas of electric scooters and online car-hailing, which have formed an obvious rigid demand situation. If batteries can meet these needs, it should be said that this market will develop rapidly. Everyone also expects an explosive growth this year.

2. Lithium-ion policies and regulations

As the core component of new energy vehicles, power lithium-ion batteries have many countries The policy has done a lot of support and regulation. The editor here is talking about a major policy, the policy and regulation of our lithium ion, the price is 8 yuan per kilogram. Under market demand and policy planning, lithium-ion batteries have entered a channel of rapid development in technology. The overall market demand for new energy lithium-ion batteries requires battery safety and reliability. On the basis of safety and reliability, lithium-ion batteries can meet the individual needs of different application fields through technological innovation.

3. The rapid development of lithium battery packs

During the period of rapid development of lithium battery packs, its technological development is relatively large The pain point, or the point that needs to be broken through, is the balance between performance and cost. To have both good performance and competitive product advantages, rapid development is a very big challenge.

To solve this challenge, there are three contradictions to be solved. One is that the energy density is safe; the other is the energy density and power density, which require high energy and fast charging; The third is high temperature performance and low temperature performance. For the chemical system, such a contradiction is a very big challenge. The development of power lithium-ion is constantly balancing these contradictions. Therefore, for the development of lithium-ion, the first thing is to take into account the high and low temperature and fast charging performance, on this basis, improve our energy density and increase safety performance. Therefore, the development of technology depends on technological breakthroughs in all aspects of the battery's positive electrode and negative electrode.

Fast charging is divided into two categories: one is 40, which can be charged from 80% to 90%. This effectiveness can be comparable to the speed of refueling; the other is 80 charging , Which is equivalent to charging in 3-5 minutes, which can be charged to 70% to 80%, which can meet the range of 100 kilometers.

Under the two-wheel drive of policies and the market, lithium battery pack technology is developing rapidly, and the realization of relevant technical indicators formulated by the state is expected.

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