Downstream applications have become the focus of the lithium battery industry, and the industry will move towards a monopoly in the future

by:CTECHi     2021-08-20

With the wide application and popularization of digital electronic products and new energy power products, the global lithium-ion battery market has achieved rapid growth. According to the data from the '2019 Report on Migration Paths and Industrial Development Trends of China's Five Emerging Manufacturing IndustriesOne hundred million U.S. dollars.

The report further summarizes the basic migration path of the global lithium battery industry: Before 2001, Japan basically monopolized the global lithium-ion battery production. After China joined the WTO in 2001, the global manufacturing center shifted to China, and China has gradually become the world's largest electronics manufacturing center with the most complete industrial chain.

According to the Foresight Industry Research Institute, in 2017, lithium-ion batteries produced in China, Japan and South Korea accounted for about 95% of global production. The domestic lithium-ion battery industry has also entered a stage of rapid growth, and China has become the world's major producer and consumer of lithium-ion batteries.

As the market matures, downstream applications in the lithium battery industry have become the focus of attention from all parties. Starting from the supply data, the report pointed out that since 2008, China's lithium battery production has increased year by year; 2012 and 2016 are the two time nodes for the substantial increase in production. The analysis believes that 2012 was due to the popularity of smart phones, and 2016 was due to the application of electric vehicles. The lithium battery industry moved from the consumer battery drive stage to the power battery drive stage.

The '2019 Report on Migration Paths and Industrial Development Trends of China's Five Emerging Manufacturing Industries' pointed out that the shipments and installed capacity of power lithium batteries increased year by year from 2016 to 2018. In 2018, China’s lithium battery shipments amounted to 102GWh; among them, power lithium battery shipments reached 65.0GWh, accounting for 63.7%. The power sector has gradually become the largest demand industry for lithium batteries.

On the migration path of the lithium battery industry, the report quoted the National Bureau of Statistics of From the above point of view, the lithium battery industry is showing a trend of migrating from Jiangsu, Fujian, Jiangxi to Henan and Hubei, but Guangdong Province is still the largest concentration of the lithium battery industry.

For the future of the lithium battery industry, the report believes that the global lithium-ion battery industry will continue to grow steadily in the future, and the market will enter a monopoly stage, and China will become a major town in the global lithium battery industry .

According to Benchmark Mineral Intelligence forecasts, by 2023, the global lithium battery production capacity will reach 658GWh. The production capacity of the top ten battery companies will reach 299GWh, accounting for 45% of the total global production capacity, and at that time China's lithium battery production capacity will reach 405GWh, accounting for 61.55% of the world's total.

As for the future development trend of China's lithium battery industry, the report believes that predictions can be made from four aspects:

First, the market scale will continue to expand. With the rapid development of my country's mobile phone, electric vehicle and other industries, the market's demand for lithium batteries will continue to grow. The report predicts that by 2024, the market size of my country's lithium battery industry will exceed 100 billion.

Secondly, the production of lithium batteries will still be concentrated in the eastern coastal areas. In the future, the production area of u200bu200blithium batteries will still be dominated by the eastern coastal areas of Guangdong, Jiangsu, and Fujian. The eastern part will focus on the research and development of high-end lithium battery technology, and the basic lithium battery production will be transferred to some central regions.

Third, the power sector is still the biggest breakthrough in the demand for lithium batteries. Driven by national policies, new energy vehicles have broad development prospects, and the power lithium battery as a core component also welcomes great opportunities for development.

Fourth, the demand for ternary lithium and lithium iron phosphate batteries is equally important. The ternary lithium battery has good performance and the price advantage of lithium iron phosphate battery will still exist in the short term, and the demand for both will continue to exist in the future.

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