do you really need a police led cree du2 tactical flashlight?

by:CTECHi     2020-01-09
Most people think police tactical flashlights are long, big, heavy equipment used to subdue criminals.
While some companies do fall into this category, advanced technology enables manufacturers to make compact palms
Easy to hide size style, but can bring a strong impact.
Buying a police LED Cree DU2 flashlight is a smart choice for those seeking personal safety equipment. This non-
The Lethal Weapon gives an unusually bright light, which can cause temporary blindness when directed to one\'s eyes.
The DU2 model is also equipped with a strike baffle located around the headlights.
These dents can be used to crack down on the attackers and cause great pain;
Especially when combined with a glowing beam.
While Cree LED flashlights are excellent in terms of personal safety, they are also a great choice for the law enforcement, safety, construction and machinery industries.
Thanks to its compact size and excellent brightness, the DU2 flashlight can glow in dark areas like the basement, attic and crawl space.
Electricians, plumbers, construction workers and mechanics prefer this style as it is easy to use in tight areas.
Most tactical flashlights can also be installed on the helmet to allow the use of both hands.
The DU2 is compatible with Weaver and Picatinny brackets for shotgun and rifle.
Cree DU2 is frequently used by police, firefighters, emergency personnel and military personnel.
In fact, this special flashlight is designed according to the cooperation and input of several law enforcement agencies.
It can be used for a variety of applications, including restricting offenders;
Illuminate the crime scene;
Directing traffic at the scene of the accident
As it produces up to 700 lumens, it is ideal to project inflated beams of light in fields or wooded areas, and to help locate people fleeing on foot.
Good tactical flashlight.
Suitable for all kinds of outdoor activities.
Thanks to the ability to connect to the rifle mount, the hunter prefers this style.
The same is true for cyclists and hikers as the device provides additional safety while riding or walking.
This is also a must.
There are campers and boat people.
When purchasing a tactical flashlight, be sure to look for models that provide multiple light settings, including SOS and flash features.
In an open space, it is essential to have the ability to send a distress signal.
The DU2 model is equipped with five soft touch mode settings including high, medium, low, SOS and stroboscope.
The device is capable of illuminating an area up to 400 feet away.
It weighs less than 6 ounces and less than 6 ounces. 25 -
The length of the Cree LED DU2 flashlight is inches, which is easy to transport and store.
The device is made of aircraft-grade aluminum.
Corrosion and impact
Years of service are provided.
Another feature to consider is to make certain tactical flashlights, including Cree bulbs and components.
Corey is known for its durable and long term LED industry
Persistent components.
The average life of the Cree chipset is 100,000 hours.
It is recommended to use high-quality batteries with Cree components to maximize the life cycle and get the brightest light.
The operating principle of LED semiconductor is different from that of the semiconductor that produces Watt.
The use of inferior batteries can lead to unstable lighting and shorten the life of the diode.
Since the LED flashlight is more energy efficient than other styles, it is recommended to use a rechargeable battery.
The DU2 requires three aaa batteries or a 18650 lithium ion battery with a protected integrated circuit (PIC).
Whether you are looking for a multi-purpose flashlight at home or in the office, as a personal safety device, for outdoor activities, or for use at work, cree LED DU2 is an affordable product, can provide excellent results when needed.
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