diy solar panels - which battery is the best for you?

by:CTECHi     2020-09-10
When you make up your mind to start the solar panel project, collecting all the components is one of the important steps.
With suitable and efficient components, your results solar panels will have the best quality.
The battery plays the most important role in the solar power generation system.
They are used to store the electricity generated by the solar panels and to power your house when it rains.
Most solar panel guides on the Internet do not mention the right type of battery.
You can find more details about the battery in this article.
There are 4 types of batteries that can be used with your solar system. 1)
These batteries can be called \"RV\" or \"Ocean-type deep-cycle batteries \".
Normally, ships and campers or very small systems will match them.
RV batteries usually do not have enough capacity to supply the system for a long time.
Even if the RV battery can charge/discharge like a normal battery, the RV battery cannot perform many charge/discharge cycles for many years. 2)
The type of drowning is a lead-acid battery with a removable lid to add water.
These batteries are the same as those widely used in cars.
Most manufacturers choose to use flood batteries with solar panels.
The price of the Flood battery is reasonable and the service life is long.
However, flooded batteries always release gas when charging.
Therefore, it is not recommended to use flooded batteries indoors.
If used in enclosed spaces, the ventilation system should be able to release gas that can explode. 3)
The GelSealed battery does not release gas when charging, just like a flooded battery.
This is a big profit.
With this capability, the sealed gel battery has a more constant temperature and higher performance during working. 4)
AGM: AGM stands for absorbing glass pad batteries.
AGM uses woven glass pads to keep the electrolyte inside the battery.
Place a woven glass mat between the plates.
AGM is proof of the leak.
And AGM does not deflate when charging, the best performance.
AGM inherits all the advantages of the sealed gel type, but with higher quality, slower self-discharge, better voltage retention and longer life.
The best option for batteries used with solar panels is the AGM type, because this type has the best performance and will not release any harmful gas during charging.
The example of the AGM battery is the Sun skyscanner series of Concorde batteries.
However, if you are planning to purchase a DIY solar panel guide, you don\'t have to worry about the battery, as most guides provide the type of battery and where you can buy it, or how to buy it.
Examples of guidelines for how to get a free battery can be found in my other article or in my blog post.
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