diy rv solar systems - how to make a diy rv solar kit

by:CTECHi     2020-09-10
Why is there any leisure car (RV)
The owner wants to do it himself (DIY)solar system?
One of the reasons is the high cost of custom solar equipment.
There are usually two options for an RV to generate electricity for the living room.
The first option is to use a gasoline generator to generate electricity while the vehicle is parked.
Some people don\'t like this option because it is noisy and can cause a lot of pollution.
It\'s also very expensive to run because you have to constantly supplement it with gasoline.
The second more ideal option is to generate electricity using solar panels.
It is clean, efficient and does not cause any pollution and requires minimal maintenance.
The only downside to the installation cost.
The customized RV solar power generation system can generate up to 440 watts of electricity at a cost of up to $3000!
Many RV owners would rather spend their money on other improvements.
Due to the high cost, many owners of car homes are doing their own work (DIY)
Solar Kit for RVs.
Nevertheless, the system is not perfect and it is able to generate electricity for the living area at a lower cost.
The homemade solar system is actually very simple.
Solar panels, charging controllers, battery storage units and power inverters are key components.
Other miscellaneous parts that support the system are the amp meter, voltmeter, disconnect switch and safe cut off fuse.
The solar panels are at the core of the entire system and will be installed on the roof of the vehicle.
It would be a simple process if your RV had a flat roof.
However, if the roof of the vehicle is curved, special installation must be carried out to satisfy it.
Plays an important role in the installation to ensure that photovoltaicPV)
The panel works with its optimal capacity.
When it is flat on the roof, the panel does not have the best angle to capture the sun.
A removable installation that can be adjusted or tilted will be the best solution.
All PV panels will be connected to the charging controller, which will charge the battery pack using the resulting current.
When building a battery pack, it is best to choose a real deep cycle battery.
This is the type of battery used on an electric golf cart.
They are more durable and can be placed at a lower level without damaging their internal plates.
The final step is to connect the power inverter to the battery and then run the extension cable around the RV living room.
You can now enjoy the courtesy sun with free power on the open road.
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