DIY Coin Cell Holder

by:CTECHi     2019-12-16
Do you need something to install some small batteries for the project you are working on?
Here\'s how I can modify the N-type battery seat to hold some of the coin batteries in it.
Ingredients: N-type battery holder battery: sharp wire cut, pick up some 12 v batteries and do a little surgery, I need something to save some cells of the project I\'m doing.
If you haven\'t seen it yet, check out his \"12 volt battery hack!
For more information, see structure.
The A23 battery is very suitable for the N-type battery bracket (
Keep this in mind for the future)
But I only need four. 5v.
Only three batteries inside the battery can work properly.
But the stand certainly won\'t fit three batteries.
Let\'s cut it down a bit.
Cutting out a bit of the type N battery case will create a lovely battery case for my small stack coin battery.
Decide how many cells your project needs and place them in the stand.
Put a little pressure on them and note the length from the cell to the other end of the scaffold.
This will let you know how much you need to cut from the middle.
This design is a bit forgiving despite the springs, my can hold 3 to 4 cells, no problem either way.
You can cut off the part of the battery stand with a small thin tooth saw.
If your saw is in a storage unit like mine, a set of sharp wire cutters can also work.
Simply cut the side and fold the base and pass through.
I used a Dremel tool with a sanding belt to clean the edges and straighten them.
Leave a little extra time to polish each cut.
After the two sides are aligned and cleaned, put them together and fix the clip.
I clip them together first, then apply glue.
This allows me to adjust the position at both ends without getting stuck too early.
Again, super glue does not have an incredible stickiness at first and will flow around the seams without any problems.
Let this be cured overnight.
Once your modified battery rack is dry, enjoy your work and build a circuit.
By cutting the middle and gluing the ends together, we maintain the integrity of the terminals, making it easier to build the circuit.
If your batteries are smaller than the diameter I use, you can wrap them around with tape to make them more stable in the stand.
For those of you who need something to hold the coin cells or just look for inspiration, I hope it helps. Enjoy! -pdubp. s.
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