different types of batteries

by:CTECHi     2020-09-10
There are many different types of batteries on the market, starting from the era of Italian physicist Alexander Walta, technology has made considerable progress, who started the modern development of batteries with Volta piles.
Today, there are different types of batteries and chargers depending on the use and application of batteries and chargers.
As mentioned above, there are different types of batteries available.
What is usually available is the type of electrochemical battery such as fuel cell, electrolytic battery, raw battery, current pile and mobile battery.
The properties of the battery depend on many different factors such as current consumption, internal chemistry, and temperature.
Let\'s discuss two major categories of batteries: primary batteries can generate current immediately once they are assembled.
A disposable battery is a primary battery that should be used once and then thrown away.
The main battery is most commonly used in low-leakage appliances or portable devices that do not require a high voltage.
The disposable battery cannot be reliably charged because the chemical reaction in the battery cannot be reversed and the active material cannot be converted back to its original form.
It is recommended that you do not try to charge primary cells.
In some cases, primary batteries, such as those used in the telegram, resume operation of the circuit after replacing the battery components consumed in the chemical reaction.
Common disposable batteries are alkaline and zinc carbon batteries.
These batteries usually have a high energy density compared to rechargeable batteries, but it should be noted that disposable batteries do not perform well in high-drain applications, which requires a load of less than 75 ohms (75 Ω).
Secondary batteries are also called rechargeable batteries.
The secondary battery must be charged before use.
Rechargeable batteries have active materials that are usually assembled in the form of discharge.
The current used during charging reversed the chemical reaction that occurred during battery use.
The secondary battery is also not charged indefinitely because the active material used in the battery will dissipate and there will also be internal corrosion and electrolyte loss.
You need the right device to charge the charger or charger.
The oldest rechargeable battery is a lead-acid battery, which is a wet battery.
This battery is known for containing liquid in unsealed containers that require it to remain upright.
The battery even needs to be kept in an open ventilated area so that the hydrogen released during overcharging can be properly dispersed.
Lead-acid batteries are usually used in cars.
VRLA is an improved liquid electrolyte battery type and is a popular battery in the automotive industry.
VRLA uses fixed sulfuric acid electrolyte, which reduces leakage and improves the shelf life of the battery.
VRLA fixes the electrolyte in one of the following two ways: o absorbs the glass mat (AGM)-
These batteries absorb the electrolyte into a special fiberglass pad. o Gel Battery -
These are also known as gel batteries, which contain special semi-solid electrolyte to prevent leakage.
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