Development prospects of lithium battery protection board

by:CTECHi     2021-07-17

Due to the rapid development of power lithium batteries in recent years, there have been considerable breakthroughs in terms of production technology, material technology improvements, and price advantages. Therefore, it has also laid a solid foundation for multiple parallel strings. The era of replacing lead-acid batteries is getting closer. Whether electric bicycles or backup power supplies, its market share has naturally begun to expand wildly. This is an undeniable fact. So, for the safety and life of the battery, the effective protection of the lithium battery is naturally indispensable. At this time, the protection board is also one of the very core components in the battery pack and is taken seriously. The development prospects of protection boards?

In theory, power multi-string battery protection boards do not have too much electronic technology content, such as circuits and software processing, there are too many choices. The main point is how to make the protection part stable, reliable, safer, and more practical. Of course, the price is also one of them. If you really want to do it well, that is a very complicated, careful and long work of reincarnation. If the ratio of experience to technical value is to be used, technology only accounts for 20%. Experience should account for 80%. It is still difficult to make a good power battery protection board without three or five years of experience. Of course, doing well and being able to do it are two different things. Why is there such a conclusion? This is well-founded. To be honest, the circuit of the protection board is not complicated. As long as you have worked in the battery electronics industry for one or two years, it is not difficult to design a circuit and copy another circuit. For example: multi-string power batteries are mainly high-voltage, high-current, high-resistance operation (micro-current), considerations of the working environment of the battery pack, etc., all of which involve many years of comprehensive experience in electronics. It is as large as the understanding of the entire PACK, as small as the selection of resistors, capacitors or transistors, or attention to details when layout. In a word, the protection board mainly protects the battery pack in a stable, reliable and safe way, ensuring the normal and safe use of the battery pack or using it for a longer period of time. Other special technologies and functions added are all floating clouds.

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