dell will recall batteries in pc’s

by:CTECHi     2020-01-01
Damon darlinaug wrote it.
2006 Dell is recalling 4.
The company said yesterday that 1 million laptop batteries could catch fire.
The Consumer Product Safety Committee said it would be the biggest safety recall in the history of the consumer electronics industry.
Dell, the world\'s largest PC maker, said,
The ion battery, manufactured by Sony, was installed on a laptop sold on the 18 th of April to July 2004.
The recall raised broader questions about lithium.
Ion batteries for devices such as mobile phones, portable power tools, cameras, digital cameras and MP3 players.
Over the years, the possibility of such batteries catching fire has been acknowledged and has prompted a more limited recall in the past.
But some recent fires involving laptops, including some on the plane, have regained attention.
Dell reported to the security agency that since December, Dell has recorded six incidents of overheating or fire in its notebooks.
None of these incidents resulted in casualties.
Dell said the problems were caused by defects in battery manufacturing made by Sony.
Security agencies say the problems with these batteries are not unique to Dell, which means other companies that use Sony batteries may also have to make a recall.
Sony has sold its batteries to most major computer manufacturers.
The recalled battery is used in 2.
There are 7 million Dell computers sold in the United States, one.
Overseas sales 4 million
During this period, this figure accounted for about 18% of Dell\'s laptop production.
According to the number of batteries still in use, the cost of the recall may exceed $0. 3 billion.
Dell declined to estimate costs, but said the recall would not have a significant impact on its profits.
Sony confirmed yesterday that it was responsible for the company\'s batteries. The company said it would \"financially support\" Dell in the recall.
Dell indicated that affected customers will be notified by mail, online or through the company\'s sales representative and arrangements will be made to send a replacement battery.
At the same time, it recommends that the owner remove the original battery and use the power cord.
In October 2004, the biggest safety recall of consumer electronics involved millions of lithium.
Ion battery of Kyocera mobile phone.
Dell has been plagued by reports of laptop burning in recent months.
On June, at a hotel in Osaka, Japan, a Dell laptop suddenly caught fire during the meeting.
In this case, the analysis shows that the fire may be caused by microscopic metal particles generated during the manufacturing process.
Firefighters at Mount Vernon fell ill on July.
They were summoned to an office at the food processing and packaging company, lilebao, to put out a laptop fire that was enough to burn the table.
In the same month, a Dell notebook parked in the pickup truck cab next to Mead Lake, Nevada, caught fire, lit ammunition in the glove box, and then lit the gas tank.
The truck exploded.
\"A few minutes later, when the laptop exploded, we came out of the canyon,\" said Thomas Falkland, the owner of the computer and truck.
\"Someone will eventually be killed.
\"The battery problem is the latest setback for Dell, which has always been the best on Wall Street.
In the face of more intense competition to force price cuts, the company reported that,than-
Last year\'s expected sales and earnings dropped its share price by more than 40%.
The company is spending $100 million to improve its customer service, which it finds has alienated consumers.
Dell executives hope that the recall, though massive, will prevent further damage to its image.
\"We are ahead on this issue,\" said Alex Gruzen, senior vice president and general manager of the company\'s product group.
\"I don\'t want any further incidents to happen.
\"Other computer manufacturers using Sony batteries were yesterday evaluating similar problems they might face.
Apple spokesman Lynn Fox said, \"We are currently investigating whether the batteries that are provided to Apple for our current and previous laptop lines meet our high standards for battery safety and performance. ” A Hewlett-
A spokesman for Packard said the company\'s laptop would not be affected by the recall because its batteries were specifically designed for its products.
Lenovo spokesman Robert Page said, \"so far, we have not seen any unusual patterns or problems with laptops.
The company says its batteries are designed differently than Dell\'s.
\"Not all laptop batteries are the same . \"Page said. Lithium-
Compared to other types of batteries, ion batteries store more energy in smaller spaces.
They are the cheapest form of battery chemistry and are increasingly used in more types of consumer goods.
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Richard Stern, deputy director of fuel, electrical and entertainment products at the product safety board, said that means \"more batteries and more likely quality --
Control issues and design issues, so we expect more accidents and more recalls for these batteries.
The Federal Security Agency has negotiated 10 recalls of lithium.
Since 2000, 12 additional battery recalls for ion batteries and other electronics used in laptops, including Disney-
Brand of DVD player for children.
Federal regulations require lithium
When ion batteries are shipped in bulk on the plane, they are clearly marked as warnings, and after a combined Parcel Service cargo plane began to descend to Philadelphia on February, more stringent regulations are being considered by agencies.
Although the fire caused the consumption and destruction of the aircraft after landing, has not been determined, lithium battery
Suspected ion battery.
No one was injured.
A Lufthansa airliner is about to take off from Chicago O\'Hare International Airport, and its overhead suitcase is on fire.
A flight engineer threw it on the tarmac, where the fire was extinguished. (
Neither of these incidents caused injuries to people, nor did it say it involved Dell computers or Sony batteries. )
The Federal Aviation Administration has listed three other incidents of burning lithium.
Ion batteries on cargo and passenger aircraft since 2004.
The portable battery industry says there is no widespread problem with lithium
Ion battery fire
But manufacturers already know the capabilities of lithium.
Ion batteries will be on fire since they were first commercially available in 1991.
Sony lithium battery at 1995-
The ion battery factory in Koriyama, Japan, was partially destroyed when the battery for quality testing caught fire.
The current recall has left many unanswered questions about Dell and how the product safety board handles fire information.
The notebook was damaged.
Although Dell told the agency that only six incidents had occurred, a reporter looked at photos of the company\'s nearly 100 melted notebooks returned between 2002 and 2004.
Advertising these photos from Dell\'s database was provided by Robert Day, a former Dell technician, who said the damage was \"more common than they revealed.
As many as hundreds are returned each year. Mr.
\"I did see a lot of pallets and they had to overflow storage with my lab,\" Day said.
But David Lear, Dell\'s director of environmental affairs and product safety, said most of the damage to these laptops had nothing to do with battery problems. “Ninety-
\"They are not a security issue for 9% of the time,\" he said . \".
Dell officials declined to say how many computers were returned due to heat or fire damage, but said the company took action on the issue as soon as it realized there might be some pattern. Mr.
Gruzen said the publicity surrounding the fire in the Osaka hotel laptop did not prompt Dell to investigate the issue because the company was already in talks with Sony.
But the Osaka incident focused the company\'s attention on issues that could be more common than initially thought.
\"This is not six magic numbers;
We just don\'t have enough material . \"Lear said.
Considering the number of computers sold by Dell, even if hundreds of accidents occur every year, it is statistically insignificant, with about one computer per few hundred.
\"What we\'re talking about is doing triangulation on very sparse data . \"Gruzen said. A member of Mr.
Lear\'s staff happened to be in Japan when the laptop caught fire and they retrieved the damaged computer.
It was taken to an index lab in Los Angeles, a failed lab.
Analyze the company for the exam.
Despite the fire, the unit works when plugged in the power cord, which tells investigators that there is no problem with any circuit or microchip. An X-
Ray of the battery pack told them that the fire was not caused by an overcharged battery because the safety device was still intact.
Dell said the cause of the fire was a short circuit from one of the fuel cells.
This is caused by microscopic metal particles that pollute the electrolyte.
Dell believes that the particles are released when the battery case is curled at the end of the Sony manufacturing process.
Dell had the same problem with the 22,000 laptops it recalled in December.
Sony technicians took the index lab exam and they looked at the extra data for all the batteries, not just the batteries sold to Dell, indicating a problem during the manufacturing process.
\"With the incident, they seem to reinforce the conclusion that there is a problem with these Sony phones . \"Gruzen said.
\"They don\'t show predictable patterns, which is why we want them out of the market.
Sony is the second.
Largest producer of lithium
The ion Battery of the notebook computer is second only to Sanyo.
The new Dell batteries that the company hopes to sell in the next four weeks will be produced by Sony and other suppliers.
Dell said it is confident Sony will solve the problem by changing some manufacturing methods.
Advertising \"We are absolutely confident that we will get at-when we change the battery-
The risk of the battery will be transferred from the hands of consumers, there will be no more incidents . \"Gruzen said.
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