dc to ac power inverters

by:CTECHi     2021-07-03
The inverter is an important step between the battery DC power source and the AC power supply required by the standard household electrical system.
In a grid-connected home, an inverter connected to a battery pack can provide uninterrupted backup power in the event of a power failure, or can be used to sell additional alternative energy to utilities.
A \"DC to AC\" power inverter, also known as a DC to AC converter, electronically converts DC power from the battery to AC power at 60Hz with a voltage of 120 V, like
The battery generates power under DC (DC)
Form, which operates at very low voltages, but cannot be used to run most modern household appliances.
The inverter uses the DC power supply provided by the storage battery pack and converts it electronically into an AC power supply.
The inverter for grid-connected home backup power supply will use the grid power supply to keep the battery charged, and when the grid power supply fails, it will switch to draw power from the battery and supply it to the building electrical system.
Most modern inverters also include over-voltage and under-voltage protection to protect sensitive equipment from dangerous surges.
All DC to AC power inverters need 12-
V input, but according to the output wattage they provide, there are various models on the market.
The most widely used models are 150 W, 325 W, 600 w, 1500 W and 3000 W.
The lower the wattage, the model can be directly connected to the car cigarette lighter socket, while the larger must be directly connected to the larger battery.
Typical application of DC-
The AC power inverter includes microwave oven, TV, video recorder, computer and power tools as well as monitoring/communication equipment.
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