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by:CTECHi     2020-03-18
We live in a changing world where mobile is the window for social media, the Internet and entertainment resources.
The only problem is that there is no endless battery supply for these mobile devices.
When they die, your hand-held communications are dead.
How many times have you been stuck with a crash or tablet without a charging cable?
Opened a portable battery packthe-
Solve these problems when you need to charge quickly.
The external battery pack has various shapes and sizes with different functions and features.
The best mobile battery pack combines high
Small, lightweight capacity battery, very portable.
Most USB battery packs are compatible with all devices charged via USB-just make sure you have the right cable to connect to the USB port of the external battery pack; -)
But it\'s fun to make a battery pack for yourself. . .
Here\'s a note. .
It leads you through several steps to build one yourself. .
This battery pack is in a very small form factor and can be charged using a smartphone charger or any power USB slot. . .
You can also use it as a portable power supply for the ardunio or raspberry pie project. . .
Like to make your own battery pack. . . !
The main components required for the project are given below, followed by the ebay link. . .
With these you just need some welding tips and a cup of coffee. . !
No, it\'s not a weird blue AA battery, it\'s actually a 18650 lithium ion battery.
These round large capacity batteries are mainly used for flashlight type applications, but it has the ability to use them as drop batteries
3 in the charging room
7 v with capacity of 5800 mAh.
This is a great battery option for those who need to simply install and replace the battery.
The standard discharge current of these 18650 batteries is 0.
2C to the highest 1C, can handle about 1000 charging cycles.
The link I gave is 3000 mAh battery, but I can buy it with 5800 mAh capacity.
I made a battery rack myself and you can buy it at any local hardware store unless you like to get your hands dirty instead of driving to the store. . and ta-It\'s right there. . .
A hand-made battery rack. . hail TP4056,,,. . ! !
This is a very small DIY module that uses the TP4056 controller and the standard configuration is the 1A charging current.
The motherboard requires a 5 volt power supply, which can be obtained from the mini usb connector or welded directly to the motherboard.
You will find great comments here about this Charger Module. . !
Specifications: Note: Here is the tutorial video that will help you understand DC-
DC boost work. . . it;
The principle of the Jiao er thief is basically the same. . .
Boost converter (step-up converter)is a DC-to-
A dc power converter whose output voltage is greater than its input voltage.
This is a kind of exchange.
Mode power supply (SMPS)
Contains at least two semiconductors (
A diode and a transistor)
And at least one energy storage element, one capacitor, one inductor, or a combination of the two.
A filter made of a capacitor (
Sometimes combined with the inductor)
It is usually added to the output of the converter to reduce the output voltage ripple. .
Module features we are using: the connection is very simple and can be done by anyone with basic welding experience, there are two TP4056 charger circuits ,-
Connection, a connection with capital B printed, those ,-
The pins should enter the battery like the other set ,-
DC boost module should go.
The DC boost module can use the battery when the battery is used as a charger at the same time, and the charger module can be connected to any wall output or USB output. . .
So there you can use the ready-made components, using a large-capacity portable battery, and you can arrange the components correctly as boxes to make it look beautiful or stylish. .
The battery pack is fully charged for about 8 hours of charging time, which is large, but the battery with this capacity needs it. .
4-also discharged after
Charge your smartphone 5 times with a 2200 mAh battery. .
There may be some heat dissipation issues, but it can be solved by adding a radiator to the Charger Module. .
Overall, the battery pack is very efficient and cheap compared to any other capacity battery pack. .
You can check out my other several projects on my blog: scifiswappil. weebly.
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