Current Status and Development Analysis of Lithium Battery Separator Material Market

by:CTECHi     2021-07-10

In the structure of lithium batteries, the diaphragm is one of the key internal components. The performance of the diaphragm determines the interface structure and internal resistance of the battery, which directly affects the capacity, cycle and safety performance of the battery. A diaphragm with excellent performance plays an important role in improving the overall performance of the battery. The current status of the lithium battery separator material market The current China's lithium battery separator market in 2019 can be said to be very bad. First, due to the previous national investment policy, there is a serious overcapacity; the second is the national new energy industry policy. , The subsidy requirements have increased, and some lithium battery manufacturers have encountered major problems in the capital chain. Lithium battery manufacturers have also put forward new requirements for diaphragm suppliers in terms of price, quality, and billing period. In 2018, nearly 13 billion square meters of separator production capacity was released in the domestic lithium battery separator market. The actual supply market was at least nearly 10 billion, while the actual demand for domestic separators was only about 3 billion square meters. Some new separator manufacturers are facing A serious test. Product prices have fallen before the product has opened the market; production has not been released, and production will be suspended. The operating rate of some domestic diaphragm manufacturers is seriously insufficient, and new lines are being built here, but the production lines cannot be started without orders. Therefore, the current diaphragm market is very chaotic, the high is still very high, the low is unbelievable, and the quality varies widely. In 2017, the localization rate of my country's lithium battery diaphragm industry reached 90%. Domestic diaphragm production capacity has been able to meet the needs of most industries, but the demand for high-end diaphragms in the industry still needs to be met by imports. Therefore, with the technological progress of my country's diaphragm companies, there is still room for domestically produced materials to replace imported materials. The domestic market for power lithium battery separators is relatively fragmented. In summary, the lithium battery separator industry is currently in an ice age, and the entire industry needs to be reshuffled. Once you survive this round, it will be another sunny day! The lithium battery separator must have the characteristics of electronic insulation to ensure the mechanical separation of the positive and negative electrodes; it has a certain pore size and porosity to ensure low resistance and high ion conductivity, and has a good permeability to lithium ions; Since the solvent of the electrolyte is a strong polar organic compound, the diaphragm must be resistant to electrolyte corrosion, have sufficient chemical and electrochemical stability; have good wettability to the electrolyte and have sufficient liquid absorption and moisture retention; have sufficient mechanical properties , Including puncture strength, tensile strength, etc., but the thickness is as small as possible; space stability and flatness are good; thermal stability and automatic shutdown protection performance are good. Power batteries have higher requirements for separators, and composite membranes are usually used. The development trend of lithium battery separators Because of their good mechanical properties, chemical stability and high temperature self-closing performance, lithium battery separators can improve lithium ion batteries in terms of isolating the positive and negative electrodes of the battery, allowing lithium ions to pass, and preventing battery explosions caused by high temperatures. The comprehensive performance of lithium-ion batteries makes lithium-ion batteries more advantageous than traditional lead-acid and nickel-cadmium batteries in terms of energy density, cycle life, environmental protection and safety. Lithium battery separators are also considered by the industry as one of the industries with the most investment value in the lithium-ion battery industry chain. With high gross profit margin and rapid growth, the market prospects for lithium battery separators are also bright. Lithium battery energy storage, as the third largest application field of lithium batteries, is limited by practical difficulties such as technology, cost and policy uncertainty, and the current application scale is limited. Based on the needs of the three major areas, it is expected that the lithium battery separator industry will continue to maintain a compound growth rate of about 30% by 2020. The high mechanical strength of the separator produced by wet technology has safety advantages that dry separators cannot match. High mechanical strength is one of the most important indicators for the safety requirements of power batteries; as the demand for power batteries has become the most important for lithium batteries Sources of growth, wet technology has gradually become the mainstream direction of diaphragm technology development. The above is the development status and trend analysis of lithium battery separator materials. With the rapid development of mobile devices, power tools, energy storage, etc., the global demand for lithium ion batteries has grown rapidly, and it has driven the lithium ion industry and the lithium battery separator industry. development of.

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